How Purpose and Insight-Driven People Strategies Are Reshaping Businesses

Namely’s CEO Elisa Steele discussed how the consumerization of business is driving companies to transform their people strategies.

Namely‘s CEO Elisa Steele has recently discussed how the consumerization of business is driving companies to transform their people strategies. She explored how the workplace is changing with a focus on purpose, insights, and experiences for human resources professionals.

“Gone are the days when humans were just ‘resources’ to be managed alongside capital assets. People are a company’s largest investment, and smart businesses realize that the new world of work requires new, people-first employee engagement strategies,” said Elisa Steele, chief executive officer, Namely.

Steele’s presentation covered three key business trends redefining the human resources field.

She encouraged HR professionals to consider how their company’s purpose informs its vision, mission, values, and culture, helping attract top talent who want to do meaningful work.

She also explained how data-driven insights can bring a business’ talent dynamics into sharper focus. Steele emphasized how consumer-like digital experiences in the workplace deliver a competitive advantage that helps retain employees in a tight talent market.

Elisa added, “Employees are no longer just looking for a paycheck, they’re looking for a purpose, and it’s crystal clear here at HR Redefined that HR teams are rising to the challenge.”

Elisa pointed out that it is inspiring to connect with this brilliant community. This allows discussing opportunities for deepening engagement, empowering employees, and delivering richer, meaningful workplace experiences. The aim of any business is to create an advantage in today’s competitive talent landscape.

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