Certn Launches Industry’s Foremost Background Check Service in the US

In the world of “people screening,” speed and accuracy are the industry’s key pain points. Most background checks are processed manually, leading to hours of waiting and results that span only a fraction of the available public record. Today, Victoria-based Certn launched its groundbreaking platform in the U.S. market. Certn harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver globe-spanning, accurate results and give employers faster, more comprehensive results than ever possible before. The firm also announced the addition of Silicon Valley human resources magnate Steve Cadigan to its board.

“Our solution provides an elegant candidate experience that feels just like entering and uploading a resumé,” says Andrew McLeod, C3O  at Certn. “It’s easy to understand, very transparent, and people can ask questions through live chat as they go along. Yes, there’s a lot of public information out there, but we’ve developed a lot of search intelligence that’s able to deliver a thorough reading without being creepy and intrusive.”

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Certn scans over 200,000 sources across 240 countries and 77 languages, all of which gets translated into English. Most sources, such as credit reports, photo identity verification, and their U.S. National Criminal Record Check, return in under five seconds. Some databases, such as the Canadian Police Check, can take up to four hours, but even with this, the average return time is only 15 minutes. Other analyzed data sources can include:

  • Courts, boards and tribunals
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Adverse media coverage from over 110,000 databases
  • Most-wanted and police lists
  • Corporate blacklists
  • SEC investigations
  • Professional past experience
  • Social media high-risk behavior

Along the way, Certn can use AI-based tools, including facial recognition, to help eliminate false positives and ensure that presented photo ID is real. At every possible turn, Certn takes steps to confirm data accuracy and provide a smooth, seamless experience for applicant and employer alike.

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The Cadigan Factor

Today, Steve Cadigan, who rose to fame in Silicon Valley after serving as VP of Talent at LinkedIn and guiding the company from 400 to 4000 employees, stands as one of North America’s most respected HR authorities. According to Andrew McLeod, literally no one in the world could have been a better fit to join Certn’s board at this key time.

“Certn has a massive opportunity in the States,” says Cadigan. “I am extremely impressed by the team, the technology, and the solutions that Certn brings to the HR universe. In today’s fast-paced, data-intensive reality, HR leaders need to arm themselves with tools that help them find critical insights in a noisy reality. The imperative to deeply screen candidates at lightning speed while also delivering an elegant candidate experience differentiates Certn from the competition. I am excited for what is in front of us. Joining the Board was a very easy decision for me.”

Certn, which stands out for speed and accuracy, has helped firms ranging from small shops to multi-billion-dollar corporations.

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