Equilar Introduces ERIC, an AI-Powered Proxy Analysis Tool

Equilar, a leader in executive intelligence solutions, announces the launch of ERIC (Equilar Research Intelligence Copilot), a groundbreaking AI-powered proxy analysis tool for compensation and governance professionals. ERIC transforms the navigation and extraction of insights from complex SEC filings and disclosure materials.

“We are excited to introduce ERIC to the market”

ERIC was first unveiled to hundreds of attendees at the Equilar Summit earlier this month in Boston. This innovative tool offers tailored responses to proxy inquiries, representing a significant advancement in governance technology. Users can filter results by peer group, industry, revenue and other key metrics, allowing precise and relevant data extraction.

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  • Tailored Responses: ERIC leverages sophisticated AI to summarize SEC filing research, identifying relevant examples of peer practices. The tool provides context about the types of disclosures peers are making and delivers cross-peer group summaries. ERIC cites its sources and references, ensuring users have accurate and reliable information.
  • Streamlined Proxy Analysis: ERIC is designed to simplify and expedite the process of proxy analysis. Users can quickly extract critical insights from dense proxy materials, simplifying the research process.

“We are excited to introduce ERIC to the market,” said David Chun, CEO and Founder of Equilar. “By harnessing artificial intelligence with the power of our proprietary dataset that we’ve built over the past 20+ years, ERIC streamlines proxy research, offering fast, data-driven analyses that empower leaders to make informed decisions with confidence. ERIC is a game-changer for the industry, eliminating the manual work typically involved in proxy research.”

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