HRTech Interview with Andrew Considine, Chief Technology Officer at Helios

Andrew Considine, Chief Technology Officer at Helios chats about the top skills modern CTOs should sport when in B2B SaaS in this short catch up with


Tell us about yourself and your journey through the B2B SaaS industry.

I have worked in Tech for over 20 years – serving in various roles around the world in the mobile telecoms, martech, insuretech and fintech domains.

What are you most looking forward to as Helios’s new CTO: can you give us a snippet of what end users can expect as the platform evolves?

I’m most looking forward to leading a team of experts building a platform that addresses the key challenges that global organisations face today as they hire and grow their teams around the world. Helios will be focused on automating and streamlining processes that are often manual and cumbersome today wrapped in an intuitive experience that makes our users day to day tasks fast and simple.

As a B2B CTO in a dynamic market; what are some of the top skills you feel modern CTOs need to sport more of?

Technical experience is obviously critical – having been there and done it before (and knowing the pitfalls to avoid!) is the right starting point for building a scalable, secure and performant platform. The role of technology leadership is multi-faceted though – so having a firm grasp and detailed knowledge of product (design, UX and product-market fit), sales and marketing (go to market) and commercial acumen are the keys to innovation and sustainable growth.

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How are you seeing HCM and payments platforms evolve in the global market: a few top features and trends that will dominate the market in the near-term?

The global market is large and there are significant players entering it. The reality though is that it’s a complex environment that we operate in with a vast array of country-specific employment norms, cultures and regulation. The top features and trends that will dominate the market will be a focus on regulation and compliance, speed to market and radically improved company and employee experiences. HCM and fintech will continue to blend and companies will be looking to work with partners and platforms that offer one place to go to manage their
HR and payroll operations.

Can you highlight more on the impact of AI on HRTech and how you feel this will reset the segment down the line?

AI is going to continue to permeate tech stacks and applications over the coming years. There are multiple areas where AI will provide value including at a data level, enabling better bi-directional management and transformation of data from multiple, often messy, data sources and at a customer level with better insights and information to plan their long-term expansion strategy, enter new markets and serve their employees in the best way possible.

Can you talk about some of the most interesting HRTech tools you’ve been following globally and what piques your interest most about them?

There are many new players entering the market. Again – the combination of HRTech and FinTech is really interesting and many emerging tech companies are delivering innovative solutions in this space.

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Andrew Considine is Chief Technology Officer at Helios


Launching in 2024, Helios is at the forefront of global Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payments.

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