HR Technology Highlights – A TecHR Round-up for 18-May-2020 – Featuring Upwork, Ceridian, Oracle, Paradox and more…

Collapsing corporate cultures, too many layoffs, crushed economies: these are some of the biggest worries around the world as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world. In the midst of it all, there are some positives, with tech companies trying to introduce the right tools to help boost collaboration during this time while others find ways to donate essentials to frontline workers to contribute towards the crisis.

Here are more HR Technology highlights from the week that went by…

HR Tech Quote-of-the-week!

HR leaders are tasked with many responsibilities, but we have always believed that putting a recruiting program in place to hire the best people is the number one priority.  Years ago, HR was looked upon as the compliance people; they keep people out of trouble.  They still do that but today, HR leaders are charged with more strategic and operational responsibilities – hire people who live up to corporate values, recruit employees who will be more productive on the job, attract people who will stay longer on the job, and reduce employee turnover.

Jim Buchanan, CEO at Cadient Talent

Top HR Tech News of the week

Workstream Announces Closing of $10 Million Series A Round

Integrity Solutions Points to the Benefits of Virtual Training as a Current & Long-term Solution

Cloudstaff Announces Completion of US$20M Series B to Expand Cloud-based Workforce

Upwork Announces Enhancements to On-Demand Remote Talent Platform

Paradox Raises $40M Series B

Ceridian Transforms the Traditional Payday with Launch of Dayforce Wallet

Oracle Announces Oracle Analytics for Cloud HCM to Enable HR Teams to Enhance Decision Making

Payescape Acquires API Payroll Solution

iCIMS Acquires

LayOffers Teams Up with ZoomInfo to Help Displaced Workers

HR Tech QnA with the Expert

If you are recruiting tech savvy individuals for a role, the way you use technology to communicate and collaborate with them is important in early interactions. I would encourage technology companies to make sure their background check process, and any disclosures or paperwork that needs to be signed, is easily accessible and available via mobile and desktop. First impressions matter, and you want to demonstrate that HR is there to make things easier for new employees, and also using the latest tools that are familiar to your candidates to make onboarding a seamless experience.

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From the Team at TecHRseries!

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We need more empathy at a time of a global recession, when layoffs only seem to be on the rise.

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