HR Technology Highlights – A TecHR Round-up for 11-May-2020 – Featuring RingCentral, Cognizant, Cappfinity, AspireHR and Visier…

If there’s one big takeaway the current Covid-19 pandemic has taught businesses, it is that now is as crucial a time as ever to start investing (if you haven’t already) in a rich array of HR Technology and HR tools that can help boost employee engagement and employee motivation, while helping business leaders track overall productivity of their remote workforce.

Even though most economies are slowly opening up their industries after these last few weeks of complete and partial lockdowns, the importance of HR Technology is only set to grow as remote work will be a concept that will soon become a natural way of work for the global workforce.

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Invest in your employees holistically. To properly support and grow a team of leaders, you must take the time to know them as individuals, understanding their needs, goals and realities. The way we work is changing, and so too is the employer-employee relationship. Now, more than ever, the workplace is a source of support, and employees expect their employers to take an interest in their lives beyond the office walls.

Steve Auerbach, CEO at Alegeus



Healthstat Announces Return to Work Strategy In Response to Covid-19

Bayard Announces New Partnership with Aliro

Intertek Launches Protek: The First Health, Safety and Wellbeing Assurance Programme

Chronus Launches Video Meetings to Support Virtual Mentoring

Headway Workforce Solutions Expands Into Contact Tracing Staffing

Ellucian Gets New Chief Marketing Officer

Cognizant to Acquire Collaborative Solutions

CareerArc Launches AI-Powered Video Assessment to Give Job Seekers a Competitive Edge

Ascentis Announces Touch-Free Time Clocks with Temperature Reading Capabilities to Improve Workplace Safety

Former Microsoft Corporate Vice President Joins RingCentral

People Analytics Leader Visier Appoints New CEO

Cappfinity and Lindsey Pollak Launch New Research Project on Post-pandemic Hiring

AspireHR Expands Leadership Team

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In my experience, there is no one skill that solves all problems. There are, however, keystone skills that unlock access to a myriad of others. For example, there is tremendous value in adopting a growth mindset. Seek continuous development, look for new opportunities, and open up to new ways of thinking.

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