Alphy Announces Breakthrough Technology Solution for Advancing Women

Alphy, a venture-backed technology company, is releasing  its dynamic new mobile-first app and web-based platform which gives companies the tools they need to better recruit, retain, and advance women.

The solution comes at a time when diversity is decreasing across many sectors; burnout is increasing; female labor force participation is at its lowest point since 1988; and 1 in 3 women are considering leaving their jobs. Gender inclusivity and the advancement of women is a driver of corporate profitability and improved customer experience.

“We are pioneering EqualTech — technology that enables equal opportunity,” said Alphy CEO and founder Julian Guthrie. “Diversity and inclusion is a $15.4 billion global market that has been largely overlooked by innovative new technologies. Legacy solutions are not working, and new tools are needed.”

Guthrie added, “We are introducing a new way of thinking about the advancement of women at work, school, and home. We’ve built a suite of tools for women to connect and advance themselves, and for companies from all sectors to better recruit, develop, and retain female talent.”

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The Alphy solution includes:

  • Daily original stories, interviews, and news
  • Live Talks with leading luminaries of our day
  • Reimagined learning tracks created by Alphy’s award-winning writers and editors
  • Original learning games offering friendly team competitions
  • Social networking in a supportive environment
  • A jobs and internship board connecting to Alphy’s talent pipeline


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  • AlphyReflect, a breakthrough AI-assistive communication-strengthening tool

“Alphy is a community built around innovative AI, shared experiences and goals, and storytelling that advances women,” said Alphy CTO Ted Selker. “Our AI tool, AlphyReflect, helps individuals strengthen their written communication. It’s a mirror for reflecting, not an auto-correct or override solution.”

Guthrie added, “Alphy delivers a reimagined approach to diversity and inclusion in an easy-to-use platform that offers measurable results to companies. We at Alphy are all about human capital fulfillment and optimization.”

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