randstad USA Releases Most In-Demand Jobs Trending for the New Year

Randstad USA has released the 15 most sought after jobs for 2024. This list aims to give job seekers an inside scoop on the top employment opportunities across various industries and markets as we head into the new year. Developed by Randstad’s team of experts, the list provides talent with valuable insights and data-driven recommendations for their respective industries and markets.

“Randstad’s in-demand jobs list was created to provide job seekers a competitive advantage during their search,” said Greg Dyer, Randstad North America’s Chief Commercial Officer. “This list is another example of Randstad’s efforts to share leading insights to talent, specialized to a variety of industries.”

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Randstad USA’s top 15 most in demand jobs

1. .NET developer
Salary range: $83,144 – 141,758 based on role.

2. Welder
Salary range: $16/hour – $26/hour based on role.

3. Call center representative
Salary range: $27,679 – $43,495 based on role.

4. Customer service representative
Salary range: $28,217 – 48,790 based on role.

5. Forklift operator
Salary range:$16/hour – $23/hour based on role.

6. Financial analyst
Salary range: $62,738 – $130,8444 based on role.

7. DevOps developer/engineer
Salary range: $110,686 – $168,101 based on role.

8. Data scientist
Salary range: $73,745 –$137,309 based on role

9. Maintenance Mechanic
Salary range: $16/hour – $27/hour based on role.

10. Medical Biller / Coder
Salary range: $28,890 – $49,314 based on role.

11. Office Assistant:
Salary range: $28,692 – $49,949 based on role.

12. Full-stack Developer
Salary range: $71,425 – $131,090 based on role.

13. Registered Nurse
Salary range: $76,182 – $115,186 based on role

14. Underwriter
Salary range: $57,000 – $104,798 based on role.

15. Warehouse Worker
Salary range: $14/hour – $19/hour based on role.

In addition to the top in-demand jobs, Randstad USA has released a collection of best jobs, filterable by industry and location. This webpage covers a wide range of industries, including human resources, engineering, finance and accounting, manufacturing and logistics, and business administration and operations. Users can also discover the essential skills and required certifications as well as valuable salary insights for job seekers’ desired markets.

“As the global partner for talent, Randstad understands the importance of keeping up trending positions in each industry and market,” said Dyer. “By harnessing the wide range of data available to us, talent will be able to navigate today’s dynamic job market with the utmost confidence.”

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