5 Benefits of Candidate Relationship Management Software

Marketers use customer relationship management software (CRM) for managing existing prospects and customers to generate sustainable revenue and brand loyalty. Similarly, recruiters use candidate relationship management software (CRM for HR) to nurture relationship with candidates that could become employees in the near future.

Job search and talent search have been massively disrupted by cutting edge technology. Today, candidates and employers are both fascinated by the available solutions to meet their current needs and requirements. Employers, in particular, are leveraging technology to find and connect with suitable candidates by using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). ATS data is refined further by a new-age platform called the candidate relationship management software. This candidate relationship management software is an application which assists the recruiters to have better knowledge about the potential candidates? There are so many functions of a modern recruiter. By using candidate relationship management (CRM) software, recruiters can optimize the way they meet and connect with potential future employees of their organization. 

But, does it allow you to manage the entire process with proper efficacy as well?

Interestingly, recruitment CRM software has the ability to create a talent pipeline that helps the recruiters in hiring.

According to Glassdoor research, a reputed research and consulting firm, the cost to hire an employee, on an average remains to be USD 4,000 and 24 days. It is a process which includes storing all the relevant candidates’ information while allowing us to extract the information whenever needed.


CRM software is well equipped through designed inbuilt features for searching, and attracting suitable candidates that perfectly match with the given job roles. Authentic data from a variety of sources reveal, most of the organizations in modern times depend on CRM for hiring package to attract right talents. Penetration of CRM software have been recorded to increase from 56% to 74%, during 2020 itself.


Do you know that, CRM can drive the process of talent acquisition on a large scale suitably? With Recruitment CRM getting handy, the prospect can have a clear idea towards the purpose of hiring. Many of the CEOs acknowledge that, the perfect CRM software can help in creating the face of the hiring brand. 

  • What are some of the content management features of CANDIDATE RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE?

A majority of the hiring managers acknowledge that candidate relationship management software creates specific content on each platform, in order to enable business recruiters to choose the best talent.  Moreover, Recruitment CRM plays a vital role in marketing through emails, allowing professional recruiters to send messages about job openings, and bringing up job ads to the targets. CRM for hiring enables  complete uploading of engaging contents on  social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. A majority of the CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg talks much about such software in enhancing the reachability of the brand to the target audience.

Besides, engaging new onlookers, the software helps to maintain the website so candidates find it easy to apply and search for relevant information. In fact, putting up the face of the recruiter to the public, hiring CRM is often considered to be the best hiring tool. Does it promote your brand subtly?

Yes, of course. Helping in  making the recruiters’ make a sales pitch, CRM software can enable processes to close the perfect hiring deal.

  • How can you store employee referrals through recruitment CRM?

It is a proven fact that employee referrals are one of the vital means for quality recruitment and 46% of candidates are more likely to acknowledge an email from an organization when they know the employees. Recruitment CRM, on the other hand, helps in storing the candidate information recommended by your current employees. Employee recognition and the rewarding process helps them to refer to suitable talents.

Going forward, talent CRM connects with the most relevant referrals and with those candidates as per available job roles.


According the research, it has been observed that quality onboarding process increase retention by 82%. Employees retain important inputs from the existing work environment, as these inputs shape their future careers. The small initiatives taken by the organization for example, the automated welcome messages, scheduled updates and meetings, coupled with personalized messages gratify them and make them feel wanted. Transparency in the hiring process is most sought by the majority of the employees and the candidate relationship management software ensures that.


Top employer review sites such as Glassdoor and Jobcase collect relevant information and feedback about employee’s experience with the current and past organizations. These are used to score employee satisfaction and loyalty levels, through ENPS ratings. These scores and reviews are visible to those who want to visit these sites and collect relevant information. Recruitment CRM gathers and reports all the information that your ex-employees spread about you. With that feedback, you can make appropriate and relevant changes within the organizational context. On the other hand, the candidate relationship management software always informs and guides the organization to work and improve on the weaknesses while harnessing strengths of operation through managing optimum market opportunities. 

Top Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) Software for Your Business

There are many CRM software tools in the HR tech marketplace that empower recruiters and hiring managers to contact, nurture and onboard candidates. These tools are very useful in converting passive candidates into active respondents using tactical surveys, questionnaire and live interviews.

Here is a list of top candidate relationship management software that you should consider for your business.

Oracle Recruiting Booster

Oracle HCM is a renowned HRTech platform. It is globally accepted as the number on HRMS solution for large-sized enterprises and SMBs. Last year, the HRTech giant introduced a cutting-edge talent acquisition solution, Oracle Recruiting Booster. It is part of the Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM).

Oracle Recruiting Booster does everything that your HR and talent acquisition teams could possibly think of in areas of timely engagement with candidates, communities and brand loyalists. In the fast-changing recruitment arena, hiring managers can rely on Oracle Recruiting Booster to communicate with candidates in a conversational tone from any remote device. It is also useful for candidates that have logged into the portal to check events, job openings, qualifications and certifications and job applications across all global locations readily available on the dashboard or the app.

Beamery Talent Lifecycle Management Platform

Beamery is an AI-powered talent search and CRM platform that provides insightful data into how the talent marketplace is transforming around new technologies, skills and attitudes. Leading organizations such as VMware, Uber, Astra Zeneca, Workday, McKinsey and J&J use Beamery’s talent CRM to build an agile workplace using AI.

Phenom People 

Organizations use Phenom’s talent CRM to build, engage, and track talent pipelines suitable to their current workforce needs. Again, its AI and machine learning that plays a distinct role in enhance productivity of the CRM by delivering actionable insights in the form of dynamic lists, analytics, fit scoring, and more.


Phenom users also dives into the candidate database to re-connect again for recruitment process, ensuring your recruiters are always on top of their talent pipelines.


Looking to fast-track your talent workflows and hiring speed? Then, Hireology is the best app for your recruitment CRM goals. This HRTech tool allows you to move through your hiring process quickly and keep your lines of communication with top candidates open and transparent. Just like a simple marketing tool with automation and chat support, Hireology scripts and schedules meetings with the candidate by sending personalized emails and messages. You can label organization-specific fields such as title of the job, CTC, location, name of the managerial level, and so much more with a single click on the template.

The CRM platform boasts about reducing the hiring cycle by up to 8 days!


Targeting passive candidates during the recruitment lifecycle can be a major disruption. It is not only riddled with bottlenecks in sourcing relevant candidates that my not be interested in the role you are offering, but also seemingly counter-intuitive in a cost-crunched ecosystem. However, by using smart candidate CRMs like TalentLyft, you can fill your sourcing pipeline with semi-passive candidates that are searching for jobs on the internet, such as Google, LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and Github.

TalentLyft has a personalized solution for each stage of the recruitment lifecycle: Sourcing, Engaging, Converting, Tracking and Analytics. From improving your inbound candidate search to fast-tracking your first response initiatives to emails and landing pages, your CRM software for recruitment does everything to boost talent growth.

Other relevant players in this avenue consist of Qualtrics, Gem, Avature, Telemetry, Manatal, and Yello.


If you are choosing from a host of software products, consider a Recruitment CRM which suits you best from a volume and pricing point of views. CRM for recruiters software needs to be installed on a tailor made scope, to encompass the desired functions that it is made for. It’s better to always choose the product on the kind of value that it will offer, especially while you retrospect on the desirable business outcomes.  

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