Pega Introduces New Capabilities to Help Speed Citizen Development Adoption While Maintaining Effective Governance

Pegasystems Inc., the software company that crushes business complexity, announced new Pega Platform templates, training courses, and services to make it easier for citizen developers to create low-code applications faster and more effectively than ever before. By accelerating the adoption of low code across all types of business users, these tools can significantly reduce IT backlogs while limiting risk through effective governance.

Current demand for professional developers exceeds talent availability, and it’s become nearly impossible for understaffed IT teams to balance coding new applications while tackling existing backlogs and maintaining legacy code. As a result, organizations are tapping citizen developers to get work done. According to Gartner, 41% of employees outside of IT already customize or build data or technology solutions. But citizen development can also create silos as well as increase risk and costs if performed without proper governance or by using platforms not sanctioned or supported by enterprise IT.

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Pega’s low-code factory approach empowers citizen developers by combining a no-code development environment with technology-supported governance that automates the enforcement of best practices, while providing IT leaders the tools to foster innovation while ensuring security, scalability, and maintainability.  To further support citizen development, Pega introduced the following new features, coursework, and services:

  • Application templates for simplified, intelligent workflows: Citizen developers need an environment to easily, quickly, and safely build applications. To accelerate time to value, Pega introduced new application templates for Pega App Factory that automate common business processes like information collection, requests and approvals management, personnel onboarding, and task management. With these easy-to-use, no-code-required templates, citizen developers can build intelligent workflows quickly, securely, and without the need for direct intervention by professional developers.
  • Coursework designed for citizen developers: Pega Academy currently offers courses that enable developers of all skill levels to train themselves in Pega. Citizen developers can now access Low-code Maker Mission, a new educational experience designed with the business user in mind. Available for free, this course – which can be completed in about 90 minutes – is specifically designed to help new makers acquire skills needed to create their first app in a well-governed and scalable environment.
  • Low-code Factory Accelerator: Pega Consulting Services will collaborate with clients to build citizen development programs. Available in Q3 2022, the Low-code Factory Accelerator will help establish a sustainable, technology-assisted operating model leveraging Pega’s Low-code Factory approach, including training for practice managers, coaching citizen developers to build applications, and creating roadmaps for reusable integrations and shared components. Organizations will gain a strong foundation for citizen development backed by governance, trust, and security through alignment between business and IT.

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