Virtual Vocations Studies: 88% Workers to Apply for a Fully Remote Job

During the company’s eighth annual National Work and Family Month celebration, Virtual Vocations surveyed more than 500 working adults to learn what would make their job searches more successful. The survey results feature responses from workers across five generations and prove remote work’s staying power and influence on career decisions.

Published in November, new National Work and Family Month survey results from a leading fully remote job board and career services provider reveal the majority of professionals want a new job that is more flexible.

According to Virtual Vocations’ “From Search to Success Survey” results report, nearly nine in 10 workers are more willing to apply to a job posting if they know it is a 100% virtual position. This answers the question about whether professionals still want to work from home in a post-pandemic world.

Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations, Inc. CEO and co-founder, acknowledged how workers’ priorities have shifted. “It’s no secret that the employment landscape has changed in recent years. Workers are eager to adopt a more encompassing view of their career paths, as evidenced by most employees asking for greater flexibility within the last year.” Spotlighting the importance of a holistic job search journey was Virtual Vocations’ goal during its 2023 National Work and Family Month celebration and survey.

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“For our 2023 National Work and Family Month event, we chose our theme to emphasize understanding each step, challenge, and triumph that leads jobseekers to the right remote roles for their personal and professional needs,” said Spawn. She continued, “No matter your area of expertise or line of work, we all have unique career stories to tell. Some of us may be young and green to the professional world while others are accomplished, experienced workers thinking of retirement or pondering a second-act career.”

From October 8–14, working adults across five generations, including Generation Z (8.44%), Millennials (26.45%), Generation X (34.90%), Baby Boomers (29.27%), and the Silent Generation (0.94%), responded to the Virtual Vocations “From Search to Success Survey.” Most respondents were aged 43 years or older (65.11%) and self-identified as female (66.42%). Survey questions ranged from subjects like remote work status, employer research, and preferred job search methods to topics including resumes, interviewing, and job offer negotiations.


  • 90.05% of workers have been searching for a new job in 2023 or still plan to by the end of the year.

To learn more and view Virtual Vocations’ full 2023 National Work and Family Month “From Search to Success Survey” results, visit: Complete survey responses, including a breakdown of answers by generational group, can be found at this URL.

Survey participants submitted their answers on a voluntary basis via the SurveyMonkey online platform. Questions were presented in a variety formats, including multiple choice and checkboxes. Duplicate and incomplete surveys, as well as survey attempts from respondents under 18 years of age, were excluded from Virtual Vocations’ data analysis.

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