Jugo Delivers a New Era of Immersive and Engaging Online Events Into the U.S. Market

 Jugo, the global leader in immersive virtual events, announced the U.S. market launch of its virtual meeting and events platform. Jugo is humanizing digital behavior in virtual gatherings with the only platform that achieves true two-way engagement by placing people physically in a virtual world without virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) headsets.

Jugo’s unique technology approach has gained an enthusiastic reception across the $114 billion global virtual events market, as witnessed by the company’s 400% quarter-over-quarter growth in 2022. Having seen widespread adoption and acceptance during the recent pandemic, virtual meetings and events are predicted to achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.4% between 2022 and 2030, and forecasts suggest that Jugo’s market will reach nearly $658 billion by 2030.

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Against the backdrop of increasing international demand, Jugo’s ability to put actual people – not just avatars – into the online meeting space drives greater attention, interest and engagement. Jugo is designed to connect people and purpose by humanizing shared digital interactions in a way that is immersive and engaging across multiple use cases – including one-to-few meetings, boardroom meetings, and department and training meetings, as well as town hall and company-wide meetings designed for audiences of greater than 10,000 people.

“The overall market for virtual meetings and events continues to grow rapidly around the world, and Jugo is poised to make the most of the current opportunity,” said Joseph Toma, Jugo CEO. “Our platform leads the industry when it comes to delivering compelling virtual events, and we are looking forward to bringing our technology to clients in the North American market. In addition to serving as a real ‘launching pad’ for Jugo’s corporate growth, our U.S. presence will expand Jugo’s local sales capabilities, as well as customer service and support. We’re excited to empower an even greater number of customers with the ability to deliver elevated and engaging virtual events.”

The Jugo Platform
Jugo is an experiential platform for reimagining how people connect, collaborate and create in the digital world*. *Jugo elevates the online meeting and event experience like no other solution – across all use cases.

Jugo humanizes digital interactions by delivering a comprehensive, end-to-end virtual event management platform that is vastly different from point products that rely on basic video streaming with bolt-on event management capabilities. Most importantly, Jugo places human beings into the virtual meeting space, achieving realistic and true one-to-one human interactions that replicate participants’ biological senses, including sight, hearing and touch.

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Through its proprietary approach, Jugo enables more comprehensive – and fully human – interactions in the online environment, rather than relying on inauthentic online presence features like avatars. Capabilities within Jugo allow event managers to “set the stage” by preparing content, including visuals and branding, as well as managing invitations, registration, attendance and follow-ups from within the platform. Additionally, pre-set environments from Jugo enable matching the right audience size with the best engagement dynamics to ensure the best event outcomes.

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