Turn Reimagines Autonomous Recruiting With Ai-Driven ‘Advise

The AI solution that knows why your hourly jobs aren’t filling fast enough and how to fix it

Recruiters and talent acquisition teams across the country are struggling to fill their open jobs ahead of planned peak holiday season activity. Cue Advise, the newest and most powerful autonomous marketing and sourcing solution in Turn’s portfolio of AI-led hourly hiring services. Advise brings together unprecedented advances in AI, technology, and data science to redefine truly effortless recruiting.

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The must-have tool for surviving the 2022 peak hiring season

With this year’s peak seasonal hiring expected to exceed last year’s figures – where companies spent close to $18.7B to hire 15.6 million hourly workers between October and December 2021 – the growing gap between demand for workers and labor supply is a risk few companies can afford.

“Talent Acquisition companies and teams are spending too much time, money and effort trying to fill your recruitment funnel,” said Rahier Rahman, Founder and CEO of Turn. “We know this pain. That’s why we built Advise, the AI tool that knows exactly why your hourly jobs aren’t filling fast enough and how to fix it.”

Pain-alleviation at the heart of every feature

Advise—the company’s most ambitious AI-deployment yet—combines deep data and groundbreaking technology to fulfill all the top-of-the-recruitment-funnel needs for companies:

Candidate identification to find qualified workers, down to the street level, with the highest probability of accepting your job.
Autonomous funnel management so you know exactly when your position will fill, how much it will cost, and when to ramp up or turn off the funnel.
Position analysis to predict how a company’s positions will perform in their given markets with recommendations for improving underperforming positions.
Wage, location, and channel recommendations on what wages to offer per

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location, per job, to enable a high likelihood of a successful hire.
Compensation benchmarks and competitive comparisons for any selected position or market in which the company is hiring.

Advise does this by processing 114.8 billion salary data points and analyzing 1 billion jobs, the hiring practices of 1.1 million companies and employment patterns of 94% of all working Americans to deliver a full-suite top-of-the-recruitment-funnel service. Integration-free.

With this game-changing tool taking care of all the time-consuming and money-draining recruitment marketing and sourcing activities for companies, People Teams are free to focus on building human connections and experiences that make work easier.

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