Global Recruitment of SVOLT Industry Partners

The “SVOLT Energy Technology Company Industry Partner Global Recruitment” is initiated by SVOLT, together with SVOLT CAPITAL, Dr. Octopus and 36 Kr, focusing on the three new fields of lithium industry (new technology, new process, new material) and industrial internet (big data, AI intelligence, communication, etc.), globally recruiting excellent talents and technology teams to incubate and innovate, looking for high potential and technology-leading industry enterprises or university teams to empower rapid growth of enterprises and build optimized industrial ecology. In addition, the recruitment will be supported by 500 million yuan innovation incubation fund, and the shortlisted teams will join the Dr. Octopus and receive industrial synergy empowerment support in various aspects such as management and growth

Conditions of Participation:

Comply with the global recruitment fields of the industry partner

Comply with China’s laws and regulations and relevant industrial policies

Have intellectual property rights and no property disputes

Innovative, growth-oriented, and financing stage in the B round or before the B round

Have unique product, technology or business model

Products or services can create positive social value

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Part I: Project Information

Project name*

(50 words or less, e.g. 36 Kr)

Short description of the project *

(As briefly as possible, explain the project’s positioning, service targets, and business model in 300 words or less)

Entry group* (single choice)

Options: Social side or Campus side

Entry track* (optional)


Social side – industrial intelligent system-related fields (soft): big data analysis, industrial IoT platform, intelligent decision-making, AI industrial quality inspection

Social side – industrial intelligent equipment-related fields (hard): industrial AI edge devices, 5G+ collaborative manufacturing, intelligent equipment, equipment predictive maintenance, intelligent supply chain collaboration

Social side – lithium battery field: new material development, new process, new technology, etc.

Campus side – advanced battery materials, BMS, big data development (platform development, algorithm development), industrial internet platform

Project highlights (fill in at least one of the following three items)

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Development Data

Please briefly describe all aspects of the project’s development phase, including but not limited to business or application data, list of existing customers, etc. 500 words or less

Competitive Barriers

Please briefly describe the project’s moat, or competitive barriers that have been established. 500 words or less

Team Composition

If the team’s background is a significant contributor to the project, please describe the specific strengths. within 500 words

Project Leader


Please enter the name of the project leader

Phone number*

Please enter the project leader’s phone number

Core member’s name*

Please fill in the name of the core members of the project, Multiple members can be filled in

Project leader’s relevant experience*

Please describe the education, experience and other relevant content, as briefly as possible. 128 words or less.

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