Quad M Dramatically Increases Its Employees Utilizing Its Staffing Solution Company Continues Its Asymptotic Revenue Growth

Joseph Frontiere, CEO of Quad M Solutions, Inc. said “Quad M Solutions is rapidly adding employees using our staffing solution because of our unique approach of providing employee benefits. As we entered December of this year the company has staffed approximately 9,000 employees from companies utilizing our staffing product. We anticipate meeting or exceeding our public target of $20,000,000 a month in revenue increase around the beginning of 2022. Obviously, the timing is subject to our execution, but the demand for our staffing solution is very robust. We have been able to achieve this by being a company that is focused on improving the productivity of labor benefits administration through proprietary best of breed technologies and organizational structure.”


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NuAxess 2 Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, is focused on helping Professional Employer Associations and employee staffing companies to improve their operating margins by working with them to lower their overall employee costs through our organizational structure and technologies. Our revenue consists of payments from these companies for the employees that NuAxess staffs. This revenue covers the employee payroll, taxes, and medical benefits. Our cost advantage enables NuAxess to share this benefit with our customers. Instead of purchasing full insurance from the oligopoly of medical insurance companies, NuAxess provides a unique solution to employee benefits. The company believes this adds approximately $200-$300/month/per employee taking benefits to its operating margins. Mr. Frontiere said “We anticipate rapid revenue and cash flow growth.”

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