Burnout Prevention & Work-Life Integration Take Center Stage During the Post-pandemic “Return to Office” Migration

  • “Over Half (52%) Of Survey Respondents Are Experiencing Burnout in 2021.” Indeed

Julieanne O’Connor and Holland Haiis have partnered to tackle Burnout and Decrease Stress and Overwhelm during the post-pandemic work crisis. With emphasis on organizational clarity, leadership and work-place cultural shifts, O’Connor and Haiis (OH Experiences) have brought together a combined track record of 45 years worth of expertise in organizational change management to guide Dentists and other Medical Professionals in creating retention, productivity, and massive growth in a completely changed environment.

Earlier this year CNBC reported how junior bankers at Goldman Sachs were experiencing a crushing workload leading to high rates of burnout.  The OH Team has been helping to educate corporations on stress and overwhelm by giving them science-based tools and techniques to help combat business burnout with employees.

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While they both agree that this is like nothing they’ve ever seen in the workplace, it’s also important to focus on the intergenerational ideas around what’s important and how to best manage the hybrid world of work. What matters is completely different now and if it’s not addressed, companies are going to flip upside down by spending even more to manage chronic fatigue and stress related illnesses.

“In 2020, nearly 8 in 10 American adults indicated that the pandemic was a significant source of stress in their lives.” American Psychological Association

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In addition to their combined expertise in burnout prevention and organizational development,  O’Connor and Haiis have both worked countless years in medical and dental. Together they will help guide professionals in offering a new way of leading teams as well as rewriting the narrative about how to meet goals, build relationships and grow a business, while having fun.

Haiis and O’Connor will be offering Team Leadership retreats, Digital Detox retreats and ongoing organizational project guidance to help dental and medical practices grow fast but with quality of life as the foundation. Participants, whether executives or teams, will have the opportunity to walk away at the end with complete clarity on their next 12-month goals plus a concrete plan for implementation.

A percentage of retreat fees collected will be donated to The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline administered by Vibrant Emotional Health.

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