WillHire Extends Platform With Industry-First Light Industrial and Shift Worker Direct Sourcing and Talent Pool Solution

WillHire OnDemand innovates how enterprises engage contract talent to fill shift roles in minutes helping them save time, decrease costs, & reduce unfilled shifts.

WillHire today announced that its direct sourcing and talent pool platform is addressing long-time challenges for enterprises who utilize light industrial and shift workers. WillHire OnDemand was created based upon input and guidance from enterprises across manufacturing, distribution, retail, and healthcare that rely heavily on these critical resources to achieve their business goals.

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WillHire OnDemand provides enterprise hiring teams with a complete solution to alleviate their challenges with the ability to identify the shifts that need to be filled, immediate and automatic matching of candidates in the company’s pre-vetted private talent pool and public talent pools, automated text messaging with candidates, an instant bench of backup talent, and many additional features for the hiring teams and workers.

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, there were 1.83 million light industrial US temporary agency workers during a given week in 2019, which represents over 60% of all temporary labor. Today, more than 90% of organizations struggle to fill these on-demand shift roles as the contingent labor programs are still backlogged on an age old process.

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With the significant size and importance of this workforce, WillHire OnDemand delivers immediate value including;

  • Cost savings as compared to traditional staffing suppliers
  • Reduced time to hire with immediate pre-vetted geo-local talent matched to the shift needs
  • Reduction in no-show workers
  • Elimination of unfilled shifts
  • Re-engagement of previous highly ranked workers

“The traditional methodologies for finding and engaging light industrial and shift workers are riddled with massive challenges and inefficiencies, which cause high churn and high drop-off rates so shifts go unfilled, frustrating hiring managers and directly impacting the business,” says Praneeth Patlola, CEO and Founder of WillHire. “We’ve applied our in-depth experience in direct sourcing and talent pools for professional roles along with deep insights and extended our OnDemand solution to address the unique challenges our customers face in light industrial and shift work to make WillHire valuable for organizations who utilize contractors across all types of work.”

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