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Therap’s E-Tools For Assessing Skills, Skill Development, Acceptable Work Conditions and Support For Community Employment

Therap’s E-Tools workflow for Community Employment was and continues to be developed in concert with Therap users and Therap staff employment experts. As part of Therap’s Community Employment System. The E-Tools for preparing an individual for community employment include:

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  • Funding Source identifies the programs that will fund the individual job preparation and search.
  • Referral Source identifies the source of the individual’s referral to the community employment program and provides option to document initial meeting(s).
  • Assessment
    • Identifies the type of assessment from a dropdown
    • The assessment score
    • The assessment date
    • A summary of the assessment.
  • Career Development Plan
    • Effective Date
    • Summary (Freeform)
    • Next Meeting Date
    • Comments
  • Training/Coaching
    • Skill Developed (Dropdown that correlates to Therap’s Community Employment Job Bank)
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Total Hour Contact
    • Linked ISP Report (Links to Therap’s Service Plan Tracking Documentation)
    • Description
    • Attachments (PDFs. etc.)

The E-Tools for assessing skills, skill development, acceptable work conditions and supports for individuals seeking community employment is being developed as a bridge between Therap’s Job Bank and Therap’s Employment History. Identifying and supporting the development of an individual’s job skills is a critical element of successful community employment. These E-Tools are continually being developed and refined to work with Therap’s job bank and facilitate working with individuals to achieve community employment. There is no guarantee of a community job, but the Therap’s Community Employment E-Tools focus on the process of identifying opportunities for community job placement.

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