TECH I.S. revolutionizing the U.S. Coding Bootcamp experience with 24/7 access to one-on-one mentorship

With each passing day, the debate towards the new normal intensifies and one has grown to realise the abundance of uncertainties everywhere. TECH I.S., a global programming school based out of Santa Clara, has adapted to a new style of learning to build an ecosystem that sustains growth of its learners. Accordingly, they have introduced the world’s first one-on-one digital classroom, which is accessible to our learners for 24 hours all-week long.

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By 2028, the U.S. is tipped to generate more than 8.8 million new tech jobs and with community colleges shut until further notice, there is an uncertain future looming around how these colleges will digitally transform and build an ecosystem to redesign their curriculum for learners to upskill their programming skills and be ready to meet the qualifications projected by technology jobs.

Students in the U.S. have continuously questioned the true value of investing and enrolling into a programming bootcamp owing to burdening program costs, degrading curriculum quality,, no personal-focus on learning and certainly very limited networking opportunities with industry leaders.

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“The experience offered at TECH I.S. is unique as it empowers students to master programming fundamentals with one-on-one tutor support, an industry-first curriculum designed by experts with 5+ years of experience and a career support team that strengthens soft-skills, establishes a programming project portfolio and provides networking opportunities with industry professionals,” says Futoshi Ito, CEO at TECH I.S.

With more than 100 monthly sessions at TECH I.S., the school is hosting Data Science and Engineering leaders from global tech companies, such as Microsoft, Tesla, FB, Google and SpaceX to help learners understand the most beneficial disciplines practised at global-tech companies.

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