PerfectServe and TeamBuilder Forge Partnership to Bring Next-Generation Provider and Staff Scheduling to Medical Groups

With Lightning Bolt’s combinatorial optimization and TeamBuilder’s recommendation engine, medical groups can auto-generate optimized provider and staff schedules

PerfectServe, a leading provider of cloud-based clinical collaboration and provider scheduling solutions, and TeamBuilder, an innovative workforce management solution, announced a partnership focused on optimizing provider and staff scheduling for medical groups using advanced technology.

With PerfectServe’s Lightning Bolt provider scheduling solution, a 2024 Best in KLAS winner powered by combinatorial optimization, and TeamBuilder’s staff scheduling platform, which can both digitize the process and tap a more advanced recommendation engine to predict demand and build staff schedules accordingly, company leaders recognized a shared purpose and sought to combine their strengths to make advanced provider and staff scheduling a reality.

“Scheduling has always been a foundational piece of the healthcare puzzle—it’s critical for optimizing resources, protecting provider and staff well-being, maintaining daily operations, and ensuring patient access” said PerfectServe CEO Guillaume Castel. “With this partnership, we have two flexible platforms that can accommodate the scheduling needs of any group, and they both use advanced technology capable of generating not just any schedule, but the best schedule possible. David and his team have an incredible product with TeamBuilder, and we look forward to working with them to equip medical groups with the very best provider and staff scheduling solutions the market has to offer.”

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“The origin of TeamBuilder traces back to 2014 after years of consulting and a recognition of the pervasive inefficiencies plaguing healthcare staffing,” said TeamBuilder CEO and Founder, David Howard. “The platform was built to solve for the systemic mismatch in staff allocation which exacerbates access challenges, provider burnout, and inflation of costs. We always believed in the power of linking provider scheduling and are thrilled to merge our expertise with the premier provider scheduling leader. Through this partnership, we’re not just streamlining operations; we’re transforming how organizations manage scheduling complexities, ensuring optimal resource utilization and seamless coordination, all under one roof. No one else is doing this in the market.”

PerfectServe’s Lightning Bolt Scheduling uses a rule-based algorithm to quickly auto-generate provider schedules that are balanced, complete, and inclusive of individual provider preferences. Lightning Bolt can help medical groups:

  • Improve provider satisfaction and work-life balance: Six months after go-live with Lightning Bolt, one anesthesiology department saw its provider engagement scores increase by nearly 30%.
  • Reduce schedule development time by 80%: The same anesthesiology department spent nearly 70 hours per month creating and publishing schedules pre-Lightning Bolt. That number shrunk to 14 after go-live.
  • Improve operations: In addition to building better provider schedules, Lightning Bolt also helped one group realize a 55% increase in approval rate for vacation requests.
  • Increase staff retention by building schedules that align more closely with provider preferences.
  • Protect patient access by ensuring the right resources are available to accommodate fluctuations in patient demand.
  • Reduce administrative burden by automating time-consuming manual tasks.

TeamBuilder is the first predictive staff scheduling platform designed specifically for the ambulatory care setting. With TeamBuilder’s digital solution, medical groups can realize value across four dimensions:

  • Efficiency Gains: reduces admin work time for managers
    • Has shown to reduce up to 64% of manager time creating and managing staff schedules
  • Financial Improvement: identifies unrealized labor supply, access and throughput opportunities
    • Has shown 8-14% reduction in payroll while improving the staff experience
  • Improved Experience: streamlines communication and allows for flexible scheduling with the easy-to-use digital interface
  • Actionable Insights: provides visibility across sites and specialties, and supports innovative and flexible workforce opportunities

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