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Paycor Announces Industry-First Open Enrollment Wizard Tool

New Feature of Paycor’s Benefits Administration Software Simplifies the Open Enrollment Process for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Human Capital Management (HCM) company Paycor today announced Open Enrollment Wizard, a new feature of Paycor’s benefits administration software that streamlines the open enrollment process for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) from start to finish, providing a step-by-step guide through the design, set-up and execution of any open enrollment event. With the launch of this new tool, Paycor continues to deliver on its promise to provide business leaders with best-in-class technology and industry-leading expertise to streamline human resources (HR) processes so leaders can focus on their strategic goals and gain a deeper understanding of their business.

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According to a recent Ernst & Young report on the labor and non-labor costs associated with common HR functions and tasks, without an HCM solution in place, the area with some of the highest labor costs and average time and resources required to complete tasks is associated with benefits enrollment.

Through Paycor’s benefits administration software, Paycor’s Open Enrollment Wizard enables benefits administrators to prepare, build, test, execute on and close open enrollment events with one simple tool – without the need for a Paycor specialist to be involved. By providing administrators with the ability to be in complete control of their open enrollment events, Paycor’s Open Enrollment Wizard saves business leaders and their organizations the time, money and resources typically required to complete open enrollment processes.

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Additional benefits of Paycor’s Open Enrollment Wizard include:

User Experience: From benefits technology novices to benefits administrator veterans, Open Enrollment Wizard was built with user experience in mind. Ease of use, customization for specific needs and more provide the best-in-class look and feel for which Paycor is known.

Guided Navigation: To keep all benefits administrators from being overwhelmed with information and frustration, Open Enrollment Wizard was designed to help guide users through the entire open enrollment processes step by step. Simple questions enable prompts for correct next steps and copy and clone functionality can streamline the process for future events and more.

Testing Environment: To allow quick adjustments to be made and ensure accuracy of each event, Open Enrollment Wizard was built with a robust testing environment so benefits administrators can see the entire open enrollment process end-to-end, prior to execution. Every detail can be reviewed so leaders, benefits administrators and employees can feel confident about each submission.

Open Enrollment Wizard is available exclusively for prospects and current clients of Paycor benefits administration software until October 2020.

Supporting Quotes
“We understand one of the biggest challenges – and frustrations – for our benefits customers has been driving efficiency and cost savings as it relates to open enrollment,” said Ryan Bergstrom, Chief Product Officer at Paycor. “With Paycor Open Enrollment Wizard, we’re simplifying, customizing and verifying the entire process to ensure benefits administrators can complete each event quickly and confidently, and leaders can sleep more soundly knowing they are taking care of a pain point for the HR department, while implementing a cost-effective solution. Open Enrollment Wizard is just another example of how Paycor works to make a difference at every level of the organization.”