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Introducing the Future-Fit Manifesto: The Next Generation of Agile

The Future-Fit Alliance declares a strategic approach on the 20th Anniversary of the Agile Manifesto

The Future-Fit Alliance, a global community of thought leaders and digital transformation experts, today unveiled the Future-Fit Manifesto, a strategic approach that builds on the Agile Manifesto for organizations to take control of their own destiny by proactively shaping their future.

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Building on Agile

Agile has revolutionized work over the last two decades, but the world today is significantly different and fast-changing, as organizations face mounting pressures to become Future-Fit in an era when the nature of work, trends, technologies, and regulations are evolving exponentially as well as unexpectedly. The 2019 health crisis exacerbated this challenge, and also revealed how many organizations lack the proper strategic guidance to overcome unavoidable disruptions through sustainable growth practices that bring about resilience and adaptability.

“A world full of uncertainty and disruption needs a new way of thinking. The Future-Fit Manifesto is the guiding framework to infinite possibilities. Pushing the boundaries and dreaming up innovations destined for a new future takes a lot of heart and imagination. That combination clearly does not come easy and organizations that aspire to these values get rewarded handsomely over and over again,” said Ludwig Melik, CEO of Planbox, and Founder of the Future-Fit Alliance who helped launch this initiative.

“The Agile Manifesto has guided us for 20 years. Since then, the world has changed dramatically. The Future-Fit Manifesto offers new landmarks in a VUCA world that we all need to embrace to create the future we want,” said Jean-Yves Reynaud, Co-Leader at Business Agility Institute.

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Achieving Future-Fitness

The Manifesto for Future-Fit Organizations comprises a set of guiding values and principles that, when adopted as a whole, empowers the organization to achieve future fitness; this leads to an organization that works closely with its Community of employees, customers, partners, academia, and government to repeatedly and sustainably explore new possibilities, seek new frontiers, and boldly create new futures.

“The values and principles of the Future-Fit Manifesto are not merely nice to have, they are essential if we’re going to shape the future. As leaders we must continuously evolve our organizations, taking them apart and putting them back together again in more powerful human-centred, innovation-led ways. The Future-Fit Manifesto is the blueprint for doing just that,” said Cris Beswick, Best-selling Author and Co-Founder of Innovation Advisory Firm Outcome.

“The Future-Fit Manifesto is of value to all organizations looking to create the future through innovation — large and small; public, private, and non-profit. Future-Fit organizations look to challenge the status quo and are impatient, and this manifesto helps them drive positive change rather than simply responding to disruption,” said Heather Wishart-Smith, Jacobs Senior Vice President of Technology & Innovation and Society of American Military Engineers National President.

“In the 2020s, customer-obsessed firms will adopt a Future-Fit technology strategy: adaptive, to reconfigure core business concepts; creative, to bring emotion and engagement to customer experiences; and resilient, to deliver on your vision and brand promise, no matter what comes next.” – Forrester Research, Your Future Fit Technology Strategy: Adaptive, Creative, And Resilient, by Bobby Cameron and Allen BondeOctober 2020

Joining the Alliance

The Future-Fit Manifesto is a global, collective work supported by an expanding network of forward-looking thought leaders who form the Future-Fit Alliance. Spanning a wide range of geographies, industries, and professions, the Alliance consists of contributing authors who advocate a sustainable growth mindset; organizations that join the Alliance are plugging into a diverse community that can help them on their journey to becoming future-fit.

“Joining the Future-Fit Alliance means the organization is 100% committed to shaping and owning its future — an action it will accomplish by proactively taking steps to study and understand the trajectory of the changes around it, and then experimentally trialling a sizable number of new options — each having the potential to transform the organization into what it needs to become in order to remain perpetually relevant to its markets, to serve its stakeholders, and to indefinitely remain resilient to external changes,” said Anthony Mills, Executive Director at Global Innovation Institute.

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