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HITT Employs Eyrus to Tackle Risk Mitigation in Addition to Compliance and Safety Support

HITT Employs Eyrus to Tackle Risk Mitigation in Addition to Compliance and Safety Support

The case study with HITT Contracting is the first of several case studies to be released this year by Eyrus, Inc. These studies will showcase the ROI, benefits, and application of real-time data from the Eyrus platform for the general contractor and owner teams.

Eyrus Inc., a leading workforce data and analytics company empowering the construction industry, announces the release of a case study with HITT Contracting, a national general contractor ranked #38 in ENR’s Top 400 Contractors in 2019.

Using simple real-time data points on workforce attendance, Eyrus software provided the right analytics, safety features, and information to support the HITT Contracting team in delivering their phased data center project on time and on budget.

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The project challenge was two-fold. First, they needed a solution that provided accurate real-time attendance because the Midwest site is located in the middle of tornado alley. The potential natural disaster threats posed a serious safety concern for all workers on the construction site. HITT and the owner required constant, accurate, real-time data in the case of an emergency or evacuation. Second, key workforce information was required in-the-moment for real-time understanding of the project’s cost and productivity.

Eyrus provided the best solution for real-time workforce data, reporting, and photo ID badging to meet the project needs, while aligning with the economic requirements of the project. HITT also discovered additional value throughout the project, increasing the ROI of the software.

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“Construction inefficiency is a major obstacle for the industry.  HITT is mitigating this by working with Eyrus.  Eyrus has provided key data to HITT that improves critical decision making across all aspects of construction.  The data integration we have with Eyrus allows for more accurate and efficient documentation for our clients,” said John Niles, Manager Virtual Construction, HITT Contracting.

The ROI in time saved on the daily administration alone starts at 150% on dollars spent, but also more than 18% productivity increase on the superintendent’s time. Most importantly, however, the peace of mind of knowing who is on-site and being prepared for an emergency is always invaluable.

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