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Formcraft Releases WorkforceDiagnostics™ to Help Leaders Build Data-Driven Workplace Strategies

Formcraft is pleased to release WorkforceDiagnostics™, a 6-week diagnostic program that improves the way businesses build workplace strategies. Leaders looking to create a workplace that empowers the needs, desires, and working habits of their unique team will benefit from investing in this program.

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Formcraft Managing Director Owen Druckenmiller, together with a team of workplace strategists, developed the program. Customers will take part in three segments: the leadership vision and insights workshop, a multi-part survey, and delivery of strategic brief and scenario forecasts. 

Formcraft’s WorkforceDiagnostics™ analyzes businesses from the ground up—with a special focus on personnel. By providing real-time data, Formcraft’s program gives leaders the tools to create a safe return-to-work strategy and increase employee happiness, productivity, and retention.

As a design-led firm, Formcraft delivers effective, empowering workspaces. WorkforceDiagnostics™ sets the company apart because it’s an analytical system that removes any guesswork for customers. After completing the assessment, customers receive data-driven solutions that take their workplace strategy to the next level.

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“As the workforce is given the chance to take the survey and have the opportunity to be heard, they will have a more positive attitude toward design changes and the final workplace design that is reflective of a culture that they themselves helped to create,” says Donna McDaniel, senior interior designer at Formcraft.

WorkforceDiagnostics™ is available to businesses of all sizes looking to invest in informed return-to-work strategies in the greater Philadelphia region. Formcraft also offers scenario planning and test fit outs based on the results of the diagnostic program.

“WorkforceDiagnostics™ gives leaders of organizations the data needed to understand their team’s capacity and bandwidth of working from home and their overall ability to work in a more agile environment. It assumes a work-from-home component will be part of the real-estate strategy, and allows the workplace strategy team to create a blended environment that supports the business,” says Druckenmiller.

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