DigiPlex Aligns to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Net-Negative Emissions in 3rd Sustainability Report

DigiPlex pioneered Sustainability Reporting in the data center industry with its first report in 2014. Today, it establishes a new benchmark for the industry with the DigiPlex Sustainability Report 2019, raising the bar on detail, transparency and commitments to targets aligned to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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The importance of the data center as the infrastructure of the digital economy has increased scrutiny on its environmental footprint. Many operators now include sustainability targets within their corporate reports, but few can claim the track-record and comprehensive nature of DigiPlex’s commitment. For nearly 20 years DigiPlex data centers have used green hydroelectric power which has prevented nearly one million metric tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere, compared to typical emissions from data centers using electricity from the US grid – the equivalent of driving 3.7 billion kilometres in a typical petrol car (to the moon and back 4,800 times!) [1]

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Decade of Action

The United Nations has declared a `Decade of Action’ to deliver on its Sustainable Development Goals, and with Nordic governments seeking to become carbon-neutral by 2030, DigiPlex is taking steps to help reduce overall carbon emissions and become carbon negative. Heat-reuse schemes will reduce the power consumption of dwellings and businesses around DigiPlex facilities. These, plus reductions in flights, more efficient and even generator-less back-up power, will help the company on its journey to become a net-negative emitter.

The 2019 report acknowledges that there is still much to do across a broad range of sustainability criteria. To continue to lead the industry, DigiPlex has selected six objectives and a number of goals that align to seven of the UN’s 17 SDGs. The report details steps taken, underway and planned in each to provide transparent status and measures for future progress. The objectives include net-negative emissions, support the circular economy by reducing waste and water usage, and fair use of energy. In addition, the company has undertaken to increase support for its local communities, to positively impact our customers’ sustainability and to continue to invest in employee wellbeing.

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