CES 2021 Rethinking Virtual Learning With Taiwanese Startup FlyingCrazyer’s AI Evaluation System

FlyingCrazyer’s research into the challenges of traditional online learning revealed an average course completion rate of 5% for online courses. Course design and overall effectiveness issues result in low rates of interactive practice and provided feedback, leading to low repurchase rates of just 30%. Although online courses provide ‘anytime / anywhere’ learning, a significant amount of time is usually required for the learning process.

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Minimal interaction is also a problem, which hinders the provision of timely feedback during course sessions. Moreover, feedback from instructors is usually provided just once in a 1-2 week period. This incredible solution of FlyingCrazyer has been selected by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to be showcased at CES 2021.

FlyingCrazyer meets head on the challenges of online learning specifically in Mandarin-speaking markets. The company uses innovative AI technology to achieve better learning quality and higher education effectiveness, implementing an AI evaluation system for the learning model. Based on their collected data, the AI system provides timely feedback to learners.

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AI Expands Possibilities for Virtual Learning and More

Compared to other online courses, FlyingCrazyer’s AI program not only provides feedback in just 10 seconds anytime of the day or night but also continually gathers user data to provide more-personalized content and feedback. FlyingCrazyer collaborates with leading instructors in different areas of education and has received positive feedback on its new approach to online learning. FlyingCrazyer’s AI technology is not only about making online learning more time efficient, it may also be used to create greater user value through scaling and tailoring programs to the customized course needs of learners.

FlyingCrazyer’s AI technology applies not only to online education but also to university and job applications. The AI technology may be used to scan content and give feedback in just 10 seconds. Although criticisms arise and it is natural to wonder whether the provided feedback simply ‘similarizes’ the content of each application, the system actually individualizes each application and provides suitable advice tailored for each individual. The same concept is used to provide feedback on online assignments, homework, and projects. Therefore, providing feedback is not only time efficient, it’s also tailored to each individual’s learning progress.

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