CareerBuilder Employment Screening Named Top Background Screening Provider by HRO Today Magazine

CareerBuilder’s service offerings are highlighted for the seventh year in a row

CareerBuilder, one of the largest independent technology companies providing Hello To Hire™ human resources solutions to global customers, is proud to announce that its Employment Screening tools are recognized on HRO Today 2018 Baker’s Dozen Pre-Employment Screening Overall Enterprise Leaders list as well as other categories including Enterprise Breadth of Service Leaders, Enterprise Size of Deal Leaders, and Enterprise Quality of Service Leaders.

This announcement marks the seventh consecutive year that CareerBuilder’s Employment Screening has been acknowledged as a top provider by the HRO Today survey. This list is based on feedback from buyers through an online survey. In order to determine an overall ranking of the data findings, HRO Today analyzes results across three subcategories: service breadth, deal sizes, and quality.

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“We are honored to be recognized as a leading solutions provider yet again for both Fortune 500 companies and small to mid-sized organizations,” said Mary Delaney, President of Sourcing and Employment Screening Services. “CareerBuilder has been devoted to helping companies increase efficiencies, improve performance, deliver actionable results, and establish transparency during the candidate screening process. We know that job seekers and employers are looking for fast results and streamlined communications, and we will continue to offer best in class solutions in the years to come as we lead the industry in high-tech solutions.”

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Over the past 20 years, CareerBuilder’s Employment Screening has partnered with clients to help remove inefficiencies throughout the recruitment process to ensure hires are made as quickly and cost effectively as possible. With 84 percent of candidates continuing to look for jobs until cleared for hire, CareerBuilder applies expertise to simplify background screening and enable employers to get the visibility, quality, and speed needed while keeping the candidates engaged during the Hello To Hire™ process, all backed by a company that is highly trusted be job seekers and employers.

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