Bixex Is Excited to Launch Its B2B Marketplace Feature

Latest most effective platform to monetize your skills in the global market!

Bixex, an Information Technology Company, is proud to launch the marketplace feature on, a global business exchange platform. The Marketplace was created to fuel business growth for Companies and professional service providers.

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The Marketplace on Bixex also assists freelancers earn remotely with their skills. It is a feature that helps small, medium and large businesses hire professional freelancers from any part of the globe on a one-off or contract basis.

One amazing feature of the marketplace is that buyers of professional services can define the milestone and budget for services requested, and the freelancer gets to submit a bid for that project with a complete knowledge of the task requested.

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It is noteworthy that freelancers can also create projects on the marketplace and hire other freelancers on the platform to assist in executing a project. This helps in situations where the project timeline is short and needs more hands in order to deliver before the deadline.

Speaking about Bixex marketplace, Mr. Ethelbert, the CEO, said, “the marketplace is designed for all. Monetize your skills and hire the best.” It is designed to break local and global barriers; Trust, Privacy and Reliability assured.

Bixex was created to reimagine Business Exchange, building a headstrong community of business professionals and freelancers.

Bixex, your global Community of Entrepreneurs for business exchange.

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