Welcome to the Neighborhood! OfficeSpace Software Reimagines the Future of Hybrid Work

OfficeSpace Software, the creator of better workplaces, announced Neighborhoods, a major step in providing new and improving existing capabilities to manage the new hybrid office.

Neighborhoods help organizations as they explore options to safely return employees to the workplace by simplifying flexible seating on a large scale. Neighborhoods provides maximum flexibility to employers in how they can organize their offices – where they choose to group seats and people together by team, project, space type, or collaboration needs and optimize as needed.

As companies open their offices to more employees, there are two main drivers shaping an organization’s approach to the future of hybrid work: their real estate strategy, driven by growth or finance considerations and their level of control over employee work location, driven by their talent needs and specific work requirements.

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These drivers lead to four hybrid models as companies return to the workplace. No matter where an organization falls within the models, the new Neighborhoods capability provides employers the ability to manage the return to the workplace through use of team managed seating, multiple seating types, automated permissions, and insightful reporting.

“As companies tackle the return to the office, each is faced with its own unique challenges and needs in creating a safe hybrid workplace model,” said David Cocchiara, OfficeSpace CEO. “By introducing Neighborhoods, we are empowering our customers with maximum flexibility in how they develop, plan and organize their offices so their employees feel safe and comfortable returning to the workplace.”

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As more employers embrace hybrid work, they need more options to make the workplace work for everyone. Utilizing OfficeSpace software, employers or companies have the ability to:

  • Simplify how employees find their seats whether they need to collaborate with others or focus on quiet work for the day
  • Empower teams to manage seating changes in their space
  • Group seats (bookable, assigned, and open) and collaboration spaces together to fit each team’s needs
  • Easily maintain membership, capacity, and desk permissions for each neighborhood
  • Track neighborhood capacity and optimize as needed

“Regardless of the upfront planning and resources, this is a stressful time for employers as they reopen offices and employees return in various capacities,” added Cocchiara. “Our goal with OfficeSpace is to create a better place for everyone. Having the ability to better track capacity and performance at each site alleviates unnecessary frustration and ensures a more positive employee experience.”

Developed from insights gleaned from more than 1,000 company conversations, OfficeSpace has identified four new hybrid models for the future of work. While the return to the workplace will vary by company, industry, employee comfort level and geography, organizations need options to safely bring their employees back into the workplace while providing maximum flexibility in how they organize their offices.

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