TriNet Introduces Content Series to Educate and Drive Engagement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Through its DEI series TriNet highlights critical topics including equity, identity, unconscious bias and more

TriNet, a leading provider of comprehensive human resources for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), introduced TriNet DEI Series, a highly informative and content rich web series to help educate and drive engagement on diversity, equity and inclusion related topics.

The DEI series will be featured on TriNet’s Rise platform, a dynamical digital hub where voices from the workplace come together to share inspirational stories and on-the-ground perspectives that shape the future of work.

Additional parts of the series will be released over the coming weeks, focusing on a range of relevant and timely topics from equity vs. equality and unconscious biases, to identity in the workplace, and more. The series takes users on a journey through illustrative stories and scenario-based outcomes to provide tangible examples around what it means to foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

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“As the workforce looks for a semblance of normalcy, it is imperative for SMB leaders to stay focused on the broader socioeconomic issues that traverse our work and personal lives,” said TriNet President and CEO, Burton M. Goldfield. “There’s not a one-size fits all approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and it is critical to view these issues through a number of different lenses and scenarios. And seeking to understand is often the first step on a DEI journey for SMBs.”

He added, “Our new series tackles these problems head-on through an interactive experience that uncovers inherent biases and encourages thinking more broadly about co-workers, customers and stakeholders we may interact with on a daily basis.”

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A survey conducted by TriNet during its inaugural PeopleForce conference last year found diversity initiatives fare stronger than ever compared to all other company initiatives, yet, more than half of companies have not implemented any form of DEI training. TriNet continues to pave the way for SMBs to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment by putting the spotlight on these important issues through the Rise platform and by offering resources that focus on important topics such as pay equity reports, situational training, and perspectives.

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