Mya Automates Recruitment for 60 Large Retailers During 2018 Holiday Season

The conversational AI recruiter had over 12.5 million candidate interactions with hourly workers improving hiring efficiency by nearly 3x for the largest retail, ecommerce, and logistics brands

Sixty of the largest retail, ecommerce, and logistics companies worldwide gave themselves a competitive edge this year by adopting the Mya platform. In the months leading up to the 2018 holiday season, Mya conducted over 12.5 million candidate interactions on behalf of just its retail clients across the end-to-end recruiting process.

Mya enables hundreds of large global employers and recruitment agencies across several industries to engage with passive and active candidates through both outreach and automation of the recruitment process. Companies, such as L’Oreal, Adecco, and Sevenstep, leverage Mya to scale their sourcing efforts, screen and shortlist large applicant pools, automate the scheduling process, and deliver a world-class candidate and employee experience.

Before the holiday season, retailers face a massive operating challenge staffing up across multiple areas of their business and supply chain to support increased demand for their products. Hiring tens of thousands of people in a matter of months requires support from a large team of sourcers, recruiters and coordinators to manage the increased workload. Historically, to address these goals, companies would rely on additional manual effort.

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Mya clients impacted by the holiday hiring rush reported staggering productivity increases from automating several stages of the recruitment funnel:

  • Mya completed full conversations with 90% of applicants – it connected and conversed with each new candidate, asking and answering dozens of questions to screen and qualify them before scheduling an interview – compared with an industry average 37% connect rate when relying on human recruiters alone
  • Each completed Mya conversation saved a recruiter an average of 20 minutes and tripled the number of candidates that moved through the hiring process
  • Mya scheduled over 194,000 qualified candidates for interviews within minutes of submitting their application, reducing the time-to-interview by 79%
  • Mya contacted and engaged over 100,000 passive candidates, generating new leads and interviews at a 52% response rate
  • Mya achieved a near 100% candidate satisfaction rate with many commenting on how easy and personal the experience felt

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With Mya, candidates can apply directly via SMS or other messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Those who apply online via career sites or job boards are seamlessly redirected to the Mya experience on web or mobile. Mya can also generate new leads by re-engaging prior applicants and performing outreach to passive databases. After candidates engage with Mya in natural conversation regarding their qualifications and availability, the technology identifies the right interview location and calendar, and schedules them instantly. Throughout the process, Mya serves as the candidate’s application assistant, providing tips, answering frequently asked questions, sending reminders, and managing logistics and coordination. The impact is transformational for Mya customers, freeing recruiters to spend more time converting qualified candidates into hires.

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