More Focus Needed on Post-Hire Processes to Overcome Workforce Management Challenges Prompted by the Pandemic – New Study by the HR Research Institute and Skill Survey

Exclusive HR research from’s Research Institute and Skillsurvey, Understanding and Adapting to Today’s Massive Transformation of Work, was conducted to investigate the effects on the workplace from the COVID-19 pandemic

New research confirms that the COVID-19 pandemic, which has spurred a massive increase in remote work arrangements, has led to serious communication and talent management concerns. Nearly half (45%) agree or strongly agree that internal communications have grown more challenging, while only 39% say post-hire talent management is good or excellent in their organizations.

The free research report, Understanding and Adapting to Today’s Massive Transformation of Work, is now available for download.’s Research Institute partnered with SkillSurvey, a provider of cloud-based reference checking, sourcing and post-hire solutions, to investigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on workforce management and point to potential areas of necessary focus.

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Whereas prior to the crisis, only 8% of organizations with remote workers say a sizable majority of employees worked remotely, today about half (48%) say this is true. The shift to remote work brings along a variety of challenges. Nearly half (45%) agree or strongly agree that internal communications have grown more challenging as a result of remote work arrangements. One way of addressing these challenges is through better metrics and employee feedback, but many organizations are still lacking in these areas. Few agree or strongly agree their organization has good employee assessment tools (33%) or good employee survey tools (39%), meaning that they are often operating in the dark.

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Onboarding and talent management have become especially challenging in the remote work landscape. Yet only 41% of HR professionals report their organization gathers data on the onboarding experience, and only 36% have a window into employee perceptions of managers.

“The pandemic has thrown a wrench into the usual processes for managing our employees. Employers have work to do to build engagement and retention and to better prioritize the focus on internal communication and talent management processes,” stated Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator and CEO of

Download the full report which includes details on six key takeaways to help HR departments gain insights to effectively optimize engagement, productivity, and ultimately revenue in the face of the pandemic crisis, now and in the future.

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