GR8 People Launches World’s First AI-Powered Autonomous Talent Delivery Component: EUREKA!

Groundbreaking AI-driven sourcing, matching and engagement technology instantly delivers recruiters highly qualified talent to provide more time for high-value conversations and faster hiring

GR8 People, architects of a breakthrough one-experience talent platform for the enterprise, announced the release of EUREKA!, the industry’s first Autonomous Talent Delivery (ATD) component native to its platform.

Speed. Accuracy. Engagement. Results.

Native to GR8 People, EUREKA! was built to identify, match, screen, supply and engage talent at an unprecedented degree of precision and speed for better, faster hires. The new built-in component enables recruiters to eliminate time-consuming tasks associated with candidate sourcing, assessment and communications, while delivering a continuous pipeline of qualified, interested and available talent.

As soon as a job is created, AI and machine learning technology automatically produce matched and scored candidates. Personalized communications are immediately activated through automation to start the recruiting process and continuously engage candidates. Recruiters instantly rediscover candidates and colleagues they already have, and talent pipelines are kept fresh and full. Time and focus are (finally) given back to talent acquisition to hire the best talent faster than humanly possible.

“We know that recruiters really need high-value conversations with interested, qualified and available talent to be successful. In order to achieve this, we needed to remove the low-value task work and apply AI and machine learning at key moments in the candidate journey so that recruiters can spend their time on what really matters,” notes GR8 People’s chief product officer, Jayne Kettles. She adds, “GR8 People is fortunate to work closely on the development of EUREKA!™ with our forward-thinking customers worldwide.”

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A More Intelligent Way to Connect with Talent

According to Monster’s 2018 State of Recruiting Survey, 62% of recruiters believe their job is harder today than it was a year ago, while 64% don’t feel they have the digital tools they need to make their jobs easier. Further, research GR8 People conducted with in 2018 finds that only 28% of organizations say their ATS is good at matching candidates to the right job postings. GR8 People’s EUREKA! solves these challenges, and more. All recruiters need to do is open a job to:

  • Receive matched, scored and qualified candidates
  • Improve the candidate experience with automated and personalized communications that deliver ideal career opportunities
  • Continuously engage with connected candidates at a frequency they set for themselves
  • Tap into the talent gold mine they already have in their databases for better, faster matches through artificial intelligence and automation
  • Unlock employee potential by identifying and communicating internal mobility opportunities
  • Harness machine learning to ensure continuous improvement by adjusting search criteria for the best results
  • Keep talent pipelines fresh and full for recruiting success
  • Access insights into results to better measure performance and report on ROI

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“One of the reasons we built EUREKA! is to erase the database black hole that has forever plagued the recruiting industry”, says Jack Coapman, chief strategy officer at GR8 People. “Coupling that with enhanced speed, accuracy, lower costs and less resource load through the smart application of artificial intelligence is a game changer. Recruiters can now lean on GR8 People’s EUREKA! to source, match, screen and engage high-value talent while gaining hours back in their day.”

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