Brio Benefits Launches New Data-Driven Service to Reduce Turnover Epidemic with Retensa Retention Strategies

Brio Benefit Consulting, a premier benefits advisory firm and United Benefits Advisors partner firm, launches a partnership with Retensa, the employee retention research leader, to accelerate employee retention strategies in the current talent shortage.

Good employees are no longer a commodity. The Department of Labor announced in 2018 that the number of job postings exceeded the number of job seekers for the first time on record. It is now clear that companies across all industries have reason to worry. With unemployment at 70 year lows, top talent is hard to find and harder to keep. If companies cannot leverage their data to retain their top talent now, they will lose them to the competition – and pay more than ever to replace them.

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Brio understands that the employer market is always changing and to best address the needs of your organization, employees need the best resources to succeed. Brio developed a unique benefits process to better serve employers that are in desperate need of something outside the “traditional broker” model. Brio broke away from this model by planning ahead and proactively servicing clients. Whether it’s controlling costs and mitigating long-term risks; engaging employees with the innovative technology; or wherever executive team’s priorities may fall, Brio and Retensa strongly believe that all groups, regardless of size, have the same fundamental wants and needs.

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Brio conducts a deep analysis of an organization, determines whether they are meeting certain key performance indicators, and constructs a custom blueprint. These blueprints are a vital look at what the future of a company looks like; exit Interviews are another. Exit interviews are the best tool to understand why employees leave. However, an inferior one can be costly and misleading. Brio chose Retensa’s 20 years of experience as a partner that knows which questions to ask, to whom, and why to ask the specific questions to pinpoint the root cause of employee turnover.

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