BD Bush Excavation Improves Two-Way Communication and Increases Employee Engagement Levels Across Its Workforce with StaffConnect

StaffConnect Mobile Employee Engagement Platform Helps the Excavation Company Unify Its Deskless Workforce, Remove Existing Siloes and Make All Staff Feel Included and Valued 

StaffConnect, the leading provider of mobile employee engagement solutions for the deskless workforce, announced that BD Bush Excavation is using the StaffConnect platform to improve communication and increase employee engagement across its largely distributed workforce. With StaffConnect, the company is more unified, information is shared more efficiently, and the company is better able to share group achievements, while removing silos that once had a dividing effect.

BD Bush Excavation was established in 2002 in Lehi, Utah. The company has completed hundreds of projects for multiple clients, offering a wide range of services including crushing, installation of underground utilities, residential, commercial, public, trucking and excavation. At any given time, most of the company’s teams are based at customer sites in the field, working on projects around the state and local area.

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Due to the remote locations and the nature of the work that BD Bush does, many of its employees are deskless workers. This distributed work environment can make communication and engagement across the company more challenging, as those working outside of the home office or remotely run the risk of missing vital information and falling out of the loop.

While an important part of the company’s culture involves finding ways to make all employees — regardless of role or which project site they are working at — feel like they are part of an “inclusive family environment,” BD Bush discovered that siloes existed within the organization, along with a communication disconnect.

The company decided to search for a solution that could help it do a better job of making everyone feel included and engaged. They focused on finding a mobile employee engagement solution to address their needs, which involved keeping everybody connected and ensure that critical resources and information was easily accessible for their deskless workers.

“As part of our commitment to our employees, we wanted to find a more effective way to communicate with people across the company and across job sites, so that we could share on a larger scale the good things happening in the company and with employees,” explained Traci Haslam, HR Manager for BD Bush.

Because of the importance of safety first in the excavation industry, management wanted the ability to share safety and security policies along with important company information in real-time, and ensure effective two-way communication between managers and staff, not just from managers to staff about what is going on in the field and across job sites.

After researching and comparing several employee engagement solutions, BD Bush Excavation selected StaffConnect’s mobile engagement platform, primarily because with StaffConnect it could offer both a desktop and mobile option for all of its desk and deskless workers.

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Since launching the StaffConnect platform, BD Bush Excavation has found multiple ways to help improve communication, boost engagement, and unify its entire corporate team. Some of these methods include:

  • Recognizing staff members and quarterly training sessions
  • Helping individuals and teams feel valued, such as acknowledging individual birthdays, and offering cash giveaways for picture winners
  • Conducting mobile surveys to take the pulse of employee opinions and perspectives, which facilitates ongoing two-way communication between managers and staff
  • Rolling out company campaigns, such as a Safety First campaign, to help promote safety as the company’s number-one priority and help create a shared sense of mission and purpose throughout the organization

“We are using StaffConnect to provide real-time updates on events, as well as notify both desk and deskless workers about important company information such as changes with benefits, reminders on injury and safety talks, and referral bonuses for recruitment,” said Haslam. “Communication is improving and engagement is rising as employees use the app to share and connect on job sites in the community sections. Thanks to StaffConnect, we are a much more unified team and company, sharing all of the great work going on across job sites, and removing the silos that once divided us.”

“BD Bush Excavation exemplifies what so many companies are challenged with today, as the workforce continues to mobilize and deskless workers far outnumber those who work inside the corporate office,” said Ciara O’Keeffe, Vice President of Customer Experience, StaffConnect. “StaffConnect enables organizations to connect, communicate and engage their entire workforce, especially remote, deskless employees, so that everyone feels included and valued.”

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