Announcing Time by Ipsidy – A Mobile App for Tracking Time and Attendance With Biometric and Location Certainty

Ipsidy Inc., which operates an Identity as a Service (IdaaS) platform offering secure, mobile, biometric identity solutions, available to any vertical, announced the availability of the new Time by Ipsidy App for Android, that allows organizations to manage workforce attendance with biometric and location certainty.

In an increasingly digital and mobile world, Ipsidy helps clients know with biometric certainty who they are engaging with. Our Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform helps governments and enterprises identify customers, employees, and visitors using mobile biometric technology to reduce fraud, minimize risk and protect personal data in digital and physical transactions.

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Time by Ipsidy is a secure, employee time and attendance mobile app that allows employers to manage attendance across multiple worksites and geographic locations. The Time app records the time, date and geolocation on each employee record. Employees confirm when they’re on the clock at their location by entering their employee ID, specifying whether they are checking in or out, and taking a quick selfie to confirm their identity. Ipsidy then matches the employee’s real-time selfie against their stored biometric template to confirm the right employee is on the job.  Time also leverages Ipsidy’s Concierge app for fast and simple employee enrollment and management as well as real-time attendance monitoring.

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Mobile Solutions Peru SAC, a leading GPS solutions provider for the trucking industry and an Ipsidy Partner will resell Time by Ipsidy in the Peruvian and Chilean markets. Boxer Security S.A. is the first company to adopt Time to enhance internal operations and time and attendance verification processes. Time will allow Boxer to track and report the arrival and departure of guards and other employees at various sites in Peru, with biometric certainty.

Time by Ipsidy is digital and paperless and supports any type of work schedule and organization, including consultants, vendors, service providers, and gig-economy workers. Time prevents fraudulent time and attendance records and collects accurate data for attendance tracking and performance reporting. Leverage the mobility of Time by Ipsidy and the security of biometrics and geolocation to establish certainty in everyday timekeeping.

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