DynaFile and PandaDoc take Document Management to the Next Level with a Powerful Integration Partnership

DynaFile and PandaDoc have announced an integration partnership to streamline HR document management workflows for their customers.

DynaFile, the industry-leading HR employee document management solution, and PandaDoc, the leading document automation and eSignature solutions provider, announced an integration partnership that will give HR departments the power to eliminate paper-based processes and streamline entire document workflows. This powerful combination of two best-in-class products will enable customers to simplify their document management and automation processes, making them more efficient and secure. The “plug and play” integration will provide customers with a complete digital employee filing solution, allowing them to automatically store and manage completed documents for an easy transition into paperless onboarding.

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“We are excited to partner with PandaDoc to provide our customers with an even more powerful document automation and eSignature solution,” said Brian McCleary, VP of Operations at DynaFile. “This integration will enable our customers to streamline their document management and automation processes, making them more productive.”

Together, the two companies will provide customers with an integrated solution that reduces manual processes and saves them time and money. The partnership will give DynaFile users access to PandaDoc’s powerful document automation features, including customizable forms, proposals, contracts, and eSignatures. With PandaDoc, DynaFile users can quickly and securely create, send, and obtain legally compliant eSignatures on documents such as those needed for new hires and policy acknowledgments, performance reviews, training, applications, benefits, and any other required documentation to comply with State and Federal regulations. Completed documents from PandaDoc are automatically filed in the employee’s folder in DynaFile. From there, DynaFile provides users with an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution for storing, managing, tracking, and retrieving files. Utilizing the built-in compliance toolkit, the admin receives automatic alerts for missing or expiring documents, eliminating the need for manual data entry, monitoring employee folders, and reducing the time required to complete tasks.

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“This is a great example of two companies working together to provide a better experience for our customers,” said Brock Kane, Director of New Business Development at DynaFile.

The combined and robust framework provided by the DynaFile and PandaDoc integration will offer customers a comprehensive document management solution that provides control, collaboration, and compliance and creates an entirely end-to-end paperless employee lifecycle.

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