Branding Engineer Inc. Pre-launches Guilders, a Web 3.0-Focused Job Service That Connects Companies With Engineers Around the World

Branding Engineer Inc. announced that it will start accepting pre-registrations for its Web 3.0 job network “Guilders (alpha version)” as an HRTech service using blockchain technology.

Guilders is a platform for engineers to develop a global, borderless, and parallel career path for the Web 3.0 era.

By using blockchain technology for the platform infrastructure itself, we aim to solve the problems of the Web 3.0 industry including blockchain, crypto-assets, and metaverse as well as existing recruitment services.

The use of scouting services has become a common practice in recruitment and job hunting, but the problem is that talented people who have no trouble finding a new job tend not to actively use scouting services to avoid receiving too many scouts.

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On the other hand, people who have trouble finding a job tend to describe their profiles in more detail.

In addition, with the push by COVID-19, the shift to remote work is progressing significantly around the world, and there is a growing demand for a freer way of working that is not restricted by time or place.

With the spread of remote and asynchronous work styles, interest in second jobs and remote companies is increasing, and there are more and more cases of people working for overseas companies while still in Japan.

This trend is especially evident in the Web 3.0 industry, where full remote and global teams are popular, and recently, large-scale projects by a volunteer community have shown some achievements.

However, with so many new projects being established every day, including ones with bad intentions, it is very difficult to find good projects on your own.

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Guilders will form an industry-focused team to gather information on promising Web 3.0 projects, and by providing unprecedented job opportunities, we support new ways of working for engineers around the world.

Furthermore, by allowing users to receive the fees paid by companies for sending scouts, we will provide new revenue opportunities for users who are highly regarded in the traditional recruitment market.

This will create an incentive for everyone to post the latest information, and we aim to create a platform where talent is more properly valued.

As a first step to support the expansion of Web 3.0 world from the perspective of engineering human resources, and to build an infrastructure for launching various projects and forming teams, we have opened the Guilders teaser site and started accepting advance registrations.

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