TimeForge Announces Partnership with WorkTrend and Seamless Payroll Integration

TimeForge, a leading provider of centralized workforce management (WFM) solutions, announces a new partnership with WorkTrend, a leading payroll and HCM services provider. In the coming months, the companies expect to roll out a new integration that will feature real-time sync between the two platforms, allowing seamless export of employee hours to WorkTrend’s easy-to-use payroll system and bidirectional updates of employee data.

TimeForge, a leading provider of sales-driven employee scheduling software and integrated labor management solutions, announced that it has partnered with WorkTrend, a leading provider of payroll and HCM services. More than a payroll service, WorkTrend implements, deploys, trains, and fully services iSolved’s HCM platform while aiming to deliver uncompromising human capital management technology with world-class customer service. By selecting TimeForge as an integrated partner, WorkTrend will be able to better meet the needs of its retail and hospitality customers who are seeking a powerful yet flexible scheduling and timekeeping solution.

“More than ever, employers today must meet or exceed the challenges of workforce management to attract and retain vital talent that will help them succeed,” said Dean Lucente, CEO and Co-Founder of WorkTrend. “With its built-in team communication features, online timecards, and easy-to-use mobile apps, TimeForge is an excellent choice for retail and hospitality businesses looking to do that and more.”

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TimeForge’s free mobile apps allow managers to monitor the business from anywhere, while keeping employees engaged and satisfied with the features they expect, including shift swaps, time off requests, and the ability to check their time cards and schedules from their smartphones. Furthermore, TimeForge’s sales-driven employee scheduling empowers businesses of all sizes to easily monitor and control their labor expenses from a centralized dashboard.

“What really sets TimeForge apart from other scheduling and timekeeping solutions is how easily it integrates with the point of sale,” said Dean Lucente. “TimeForge allows you to bring your payroll, sales, and labor management platforms in sync and to make the best possible use of your resources.”

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“We’re absolutely thrilled about our partnership with WorkTrend,” said Audrey Hogan, COO at TimeForge. “WorkTrend takes customer service as seriously as we do, and they understand the value-add that our timekeeping and scheduling solutions bring to the table, especially for retailers and restaurants struggling to find and retain employees. We look forward to working alongside WorkTrend to help customers navigate these labor challenges while making the most of their current workforce.”

TimeForge and WorkTrend are currently working to develop seamless integration between their two platforms. When complete, the new integration will facilitate the real-time synchronization of employee hours and data to ensure accurate, pain-free payroll cycles, easy reporting, and end-to-end visibility.

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