10 HR Tech Tools that Can Help you Boost your Talent Acquisition Process

According to the State of Talent Acquisition 2019 report, 74 percent of respondents see talent acquisition as a challenge faced by HR and business leaders today. This is why Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding have become tangible initiatives that are assigned budgets in 2020.

Companies want to source the best talent on the basis of skills and personality. While generations have changed and the gig economy is attracting people, there are still freshers and newcomers who like to get their hands dirty with a job to learn ground-level skills.

The question remains. How can organizations source and hire top talent while optimizing cost, time, and bandwidth for managers?

In order to source top resources to your organization, consider these ten tools that improve the efficiency of the hiring process and make it a little less of a challenge.

1. Freshteam

Freshworks’ HR and recruitment tool, Freshteam helps you with hiring, employee data management, onboarding, and more in a single unified platform. This HR tech tool is meant to be a one-stop-shop for your day-to-day recruitment needs.

The tool comes with a centralized dashboard to track and record employee attendance and time, a hiring module, and an organizational chart to keep you updated. Freshteam has a built-in ATS to make job posting, setting up a hiring team, and information gathering seamless, along with powerful customizations.

You can choose to automate key activities such as document sharing, follow-ups, and more to speed up time-to-productivity. SMBs around the world in areas such as pharmaceutical, technology, and media deploy Freshteam for better recruitment.

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2. ADP Workforce Now Recruitment: Enterprise-grade talent management system

ADP, the HR technology giant offers Workforce Now that covers a host of task management features besides recruitment. By using it as a hiring tool, you will leverage its comprehensive job posting feature to manage career websites, emails, social media, and videos to attract top talent.

The tool also offers an automated candidate review process, generates time-to-hire and cost-to-hire reports that help you gauge the productivity of your recruitment process.

Since this tool is available as part of the entire HR offering, it’s natively integrated with performance reviews, workforce management, and compensation planning features.

3. PathMotion

PathMotion is a little bit different. It combines employer branding with candidate experience. The platform supports branded discussions where employees inside a company share their career stories to answer potential candidates’ questions and concerns.

The platform helps you generate authentic and persuasive content that can go a long way in building your employer brand with visibility across your recruitment channels. Use employer branding tools such as search engine optimization, social media content generator, and predictive candidate analysis through this HR tech tool.

4. Workshape.io

Workshape is a candidate sourcing tool for developers hunting for their dream job and software development companies looking for a perfect match to fill a position. The tool allows software developers to realize their dream job by fine-tuning their job search through several preferences: used technologies, their desired breakdown of time over several key tasks, and working conditions that are a priority for them.

The system does a great job of matching an idea software developer to your requirements and enables both candidate and recruiter to chat and discuss several aspects directly, without bringing in recruitment agents.

5. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is one of the fastest-growing ATS platforms recognized for its structured hiring and interviewing approach. It boasts of features that support monitoring candidate activity and recruiting, job boards, customized career pages, and more.

Besides, the platform also focuses on inclusion and diversity in hiring with features that mitigate unconscious bias toward a particular segment of candidates.

6. Ascendify: with predictive intelligence

Ascendify is a talent acquisition engine that is powered by predictive analytics, allowing you to develop deeper connections with candidates. The tool’s machine learning capabilities make it all the more useful with every hiring cycle you complete.

Two features stand out to us: Ascendify Aspire- uses AI to create a career progression path for internal talent management. Second is the built-in diversity compliance at the sourcing stage which helps companies meet their diversity hiring goals. If you want to hire at an enterprise level, this tool might work for you.

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7. happierHire

This tool boasts of utter simplicity. It addresses social recruitment touchpoints to expand your candidate base and the auto-extraction algorithm helps you upload and filter out resumes in bulk.

The happierBOT keeps track of the tasks involved. The tool also includes a built-in ATS to simplify the candidate experience and integrates with a variety of sourcing platforms. happierHire is a suitable tool for SMBs in that it has an attractive price point besides several optional add-ons such as intranet, compensation, workflow automation, and compliance for greater agility.

8. JazzHR

What stands apart in this recruitment tool is its long list of integrations, supported by a strong network of partners. Right from internal systems such as Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), time logging and attendance, and scheduling tools to third-party tools for candidate assessments, tax compliance, and background checks, JazzHR appears to have it all.

This tool comes with an inbuilt ATS, in-app collaboration to garner ideas from the hiring team, and a dedicated offer management feature.

9. Jobvite

Jobvite has candidate experience at the core of its being. Explore a plethora of marketing capabilities, recruitment branding, responsive career websites, and so on. Also get an easy to navigate ATS, social media hiring capabilities, onboarding features, and seamless integrations with other HR features.

Also, get detailed insights on hiring performance and how it affects your overall workforce management.

10. SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and Onboarding

SAP SuccessFactors has always been an exceptional tool. SAP continues to lead the market after Gartner recognized it as a top customer choice in 2018. The tool is deployed entirely on the cloud and boasts of a vast range of HR capabilities, besides recruitment.

The tool can be used for a superior experience quality across various candidate touchpoints.


Did we leave out your favorite tool? Tell us in the comments below!

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