Associa Wellness Programs Support Employee Growth

Wellness Programs Supplement Employee Development Opportunities To Maximize Recruitment And Retention

Associa, the community management industry’s largest company, provides employees with access to unique wellness programs specifically designed to help advance their mental, financial, and emotional wellbeing. These programs supplement a wide range of continuing education and professional development opportunities that are in place to help recruit and retain talent.

Associa’s wellbeing programs are designed to make a wealth of resources internally available to all team members so they may further their personal and professional growth. Associa is proud to leverage relationships with experts and wellness organizations that encourage employees to explore topics related to all aspects of wellness.

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To support team members’ physical health, Associa provides a wide range of programs targeted at diabetes, fertility, weight management, and a better understanding of Medicare.

  • Livongo: A personalized blood pressure and diabetes management program.
  • Wondr: A digital weight management program to help improve participant health and wellness.
  • Ovia Fertility App: A family health benefits platform to help women and families with personalized and data-driven solutions for fertility, pregnancy, and parenting.
  • EnterMedicare: A platform that offers eligible team members personalized support in transitioning to, navigating and selecting Medicare options.

Associa also actively fosters positive conversations around the importance of mental health and regularly engages partners to provide team members with clear, highly relevant steps for bettering their emotional wellbeing.

  • Kunik: A culture development partner focused on building corporate culture and empowering the workplace with a deeper sense of community. Associa partners with Kunik to present webinars that focus on a range of broader personal and work wellness topics. Conversations range from battling stress and burnout to industry-specific topics like conflict de-escalation.
  • Total Wellness Consultants: This group partners with Associa to lead webinars focused on personal wellness. They educate Associa team members on a range of topics throughout the pandemic, including navigating isolation, depression, and other related mental health issues.
  • Associa Help Line: This is a multi-functional resource that offers six free counseling sessions (in-person or virtual), will preparation, legal advice, and more.

Associa wants every employee to enjoy the freedom of financial security. Associa’s financial wellbeing programs offer educational resources for team members looking to improve their financial health.

  • Prudential Financial: Working in tandem with Prudential Financial, Associa provides   team members with a portal of financial resources, personal finance assessments, financial goal setting techniques, and webinars focused on assessing their financial situation.
  • FinPath: Associa works with this financial wellness solution provider to empower employees through webinars focused on debt, savings, retirement, home purchases, etc.

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Finally, Associa remains committed to motivating and empowering team members to pursue continued education throughout their careers. In addition to offering support for industry certification and advanced designations, Associa partners with the University of Dallas to make Associa employees, their spouses, and their dependents eligible for reduced tuition rates on certificates, mini masters programs, and graduate degrees from the University of Dallas’ Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business.

“Associa is proud to offer a wide range of resources designed to support our employees’ wellness goals. We want to position every member of the Associa family to strengthen all aspects of their health, for the sake of themselves, their families, and their communities,” stated Chelle O’Keefe, executive vice president and chief human resources officer. “Making sure our team has the tools they need to care for themselves is our number one priority. I’m grateful to be a part of an organization that truly understands the importance of comprehensive wellbeing.”

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