Tyfoom 2.0 Improves Experience, Accessibility, Performance With New Functionality Enhanced Alerts, Forms and Self-Learning Paths Now Available

Tyfoom, the leading engagement platform for employee communication and training, announced the availability of Tyfoom 2.0 in North America. Updates to the app improve the administrator experience, user experience, accessibility and performance of the platform. This provides a simple and easy way to connect all employees with leaders every day to improve culture, productivity, and employee engagement. Organizations can communicate any process, best practice, or other information within the flow of work through Tyfoom to ensure it is viewed, understood, and utilized by employees.
“Employees want to be empowered and to have a connection with their employers, but most feel unengaged,” said Mark Nelson, CEO, Tyfoom. “Tyfoom has a 71 percent daily engagement rate, which is higher than the leading social media platforms. As a result, organizations can be confident their workforce will adopt Tyfoom thereby fostering an engaged culture.”

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What’s new in Tyfoom 2.0

  • New administrator tools: Tyfoom 2.0 has enhanced alerts that support hyperlinks, attachments, multimedia and rich HTML. Administrators can now pre-schedule alerts and require acknowledgment from users for both regular and priority alerts. The app now captures partial form completions, allowing users to input information throughout the day without losing data.
  • Enhanced user experience: Design enhancements make it even more intuitive for users to navigate, including a new in-app browser to view documents and linked web pages directly within the app. Unearned Mastery Courses and Company Badges are displayed on the home screen, providing a clear path for self-paced learning.
  • Improved accessibility: Tyfoom now supports portrait videos, full landscape mode and dynamic text size, allowing the app to work on any iOS and Android Device

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  • Increased performance: Because it has been re-coded from the ground up with an updated, responsive design, Tyfoom 2.0 features increased speed, stability and cross-platform consistency.

Tyfoom features a library of more than 600 proprietary microlearning videos, and provides a platform for managers to upload and automate the delivery of company-specific communication, training, instant messages and other content. The platform also provides a way to receive crucial information through custom forms that can be used for reporting, surveys, checklists and more. With built in tracking and visibility, managers can view all communication and training in one place.
A June update will enable the uploading of videos from mobile devices for company use as training or alerts.

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