Time Is Ltd. Expands Slack Analytics With Insights for Workplaces

Time is Ltd., the world’s leading employee engagement and experience company, has bolstered its platform’s advanced Slack Analytics.

Now, organizations can access even more actionable data and insights into how their departments, teams, and entire workforces are using Slack to communicate and collaborate.

“As Slack use skyrockets and we enter a new era of digital collaboration, companies are facing uncharted territory and flying blind. It’s crucial they have the insights to improve their Slack experience, provide guidance to their workforce, and prevent employees from experiencing Slack fatigue,” said Jan Rezab, Founder & CEO at Time is Ltd. “Time is Ltd.’s advanced offering recognizes that each company has a unique communication and collaboration style, which is why it allows each organization to determine the approach that works best for them and their teams.”

The new offering unlocks opportunities for each workforce to better analyze and optimize how they’re using Slack. Time is Ltd.’s insights reveal inefficiencies, pain points, and areas for improvement in Slack use — which organizations can utilize to improve employee satisfaction, streamline communication methods, boost productivity, and curb a variety of Slack pitfalls.

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The platform is rolling out the following new Slack measurement areas:

  • Engagement: Volume and timing of messages sent per person per day, number of active channels used regularly, proportion of engagement among channel members, comparison of activity by teams or departments, use of ad-hoc Slack calls, and more
  • Collaboration: Share of communication happening in direct messages and groups versus in channels, maps of communication across the entire organization, overview of which departments communicate most and least frequently with each other, efficiency of departmental collaboration, and more
  • Efficiency: Use of threads, analysis of public vs. private channel use, share of time spent in Slack calls versus chats, analysis of duplicated chats and channels reaching the same members, volume of inactive channels.
  • Overload and Fatigue: Frequency and cadence of message responses and reactions, analysis of activity taking place during work hours versus after hours, volume of messages in public and private channels that users are exposed to per hour, and more
  • Focus and Distractions: Share of focus time (i.e. time when employees are not in meetings or checking email or Slack messages), analysis of focus time by team or department, analysis of focus time by day of the week, share of short messages (which at volume have the potential to serve as distractions) versus long messages in channels, and more.
  • Advanced Analytics: Detailed top-down and bottom-up analysis of Slack behavior, department- and team-specific trends, deep communication and collaboration KPIs, extensive analytics several levels beyond Slack’s native analytics, and more.
  • Sociomapping: A multi-dimensional map illustrating the dynamics of how teams and departments are communicating.

The offering has already helped several organizations analyze and improve their use of Slack, boosting employee engagement and communication efficiency.

“As a digitally native organization, Slack plays a critical role as our primary communication channel,” said Mark Romagnoli, SVP of Operations at Wave Sports + Entertainment. “In the current remote working environment it’s now more crucial than ever to ensure we’re enabling our teams to collaborate and reach their peak performance. Time is Ltd.’s Slack Analytics are a game changer because the platform gives us the data we need to improve our collaboration across public and private channels and to maximize our efficiency.”

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