pc/nametag Offers Customized Gift Boxes to Increase Employee Engagement

pc/nametag launches customizable gift box delivery to support organizations that have proven their resilience by pivoting from working 100% out of the office to allowing employees to work remotely.

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While transitioning to a remote-first work environment has its advantages, pc/nametag recognized that many leadership teams would be left wondering how to keep workplace culture alive when staff can no longer congregate in the office. Remote employees still desire interpersonal connections, team building activities and opportunities to network; pc/nametag wanted to help organizations achieve these meaningful and memorable connections.

To help employers improve engagement and foster retention, pc/nametag introduced custom-curated gift boxes that create fun, memorable experiences for employees, no matter where they are. With the ability to choose from hundreds of unique items for a themed kit or include personal items such as a handwritten note, employers now can surprise and delight staff while also building rapport and reducing workplace burnout.

“We are dedicated to creating meaningful connections in the workplace and at events,” says Cat Caruso, General Manager of pc/nametag. “Our employee engagement kits, along with our virtual attendee kits, solve a pressing need in the business landscape today: a lack of engagement among remote employees and virtual event attendees.”

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pc/nametag’s customized gift boxes have already been successfully used as an employee engagement tool to show appreciation, boose employee satisfaction and improve retention. As a test run, pc/nametag mailed employees a kit filled with items including a picnic blanket, a Bluetooth speaker, sunglasses, an insulated tumbler and more.

“Receiving my box in the mail was a big surprise,” says Cynthia Lusian, UX Designer at pc/nametag. “The best part of my kit was the handwritten note from my supervisor. I instantly felt appreciated and valued with this simple gesture. We even made a virtual event out of opening the kits, which was a fun way to rekindle my connections with colleagues as we continue to work remotely for the time being.”

pc/nametag recognizes that employees are experiencing remote workforce burnout, especially during this stressful personal and economic time. Employee engagement gift boxes provide an avenue to visibly extend appreciation to individuals who work from home or may not get the option to interact with colleagues face-to-face.

Gift boxes can be personalized down to the finest detail to have the greatest impact and meaning to your employees. Each box is hand-assembled in Verona, Wisconsin and shipped to a location of the sender’s choosing. pc/nametag is equipped to handle residential, commercial and international shipments.

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