MyHive Global Launches Virtual Workplace for Global Companies

  • New technology platform reveals a virtual real-world office environment and culture promoting remote employee engagement, satisfaction and work performance

MyHive Global launched “MyHive”, a SaaS platform that enables companies of any size to provide remote and hybrid employees with a virtual real-world office environment and culture that promotes workforce engagement, satisfaction and performance.

Co-Founded by Dano Ybarra, serial entrepreneur, author and Apple and Adobe veteran, MyHive Global’s mission is to digitally empower companies who – post COVID-19 – need to provide remote employees with a progressive and innovative way to work ‘in office’ but in a virtual way. The technology delivers an experience where employees effectively, socially and productively collaborate, train, and meet and work with a sense of functioning in a real-world, bricks-and-mortar office space.

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According to Mr. Ybarra, “MyHive has developed a radically innovative approach to virtual workplaces using a highly customizable SaaS technology platform that allows global companies to create their own unique office structure in a way where it meets the individual work and social needs of their employees. Our company is comprised of an all-star cast of business leaders, technology visionaries, HR practitioners and some of the world’s most experienced and accomplished entrepreneurs and industry veterans who are dedicated and excited to pave the path for companies supporting virtual teams.”

Remote working proliferated due to the pandemic and has become the norm for millions of employees worldwide. Global companies are facing human resource hurdles, trying to find the right balance of how people, process and technology work to drive corporate success in the hybrid and remote workplace. Of high priority are human capital and business considerations. This means solving for the:

  • Psychological effects of isolation and loneliness felt by employees due to the pandemic;
  • Lack of team spirit and burnout due to excessive, formal video conferencing meetings;
  • Difficulty aligning calendars and meetings;
  • Lack of control over hours worked and other HR issues globally;
  • Lack of spontaneity and “in office” collaboration similar to “water cooler” discussions, etc.;
  • Inability for management to understand who is doing what, when, where and how to help;
  • Technology needs for essential remote collaboration tools.

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MyHive addresses these considerations, providing a virtual, real-world on-screen representation of any unique physical office space where employees can sit at their desks with colleagues within specific teams, no matter where they are located physically. MyHive’s proprietary technology allow employees to collaborate in a natural way using tools that include audio, video, screen-sharing and chat supplied with no need to learn or purchase 3rd-party tools like Zoom, Slack and others. Employees are represented by on-screen avatars with status reflected in real-time so they can interact with one another with a click of their mouse. The visual aspect allows management and colleagues to understand what each team and each individual are doing at a glance.

“MyHive Global is arming global companies with the industry’s most progressive and innovative technology that allows remote employees to work ‘in office’ but in a virtual way.”

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