Medallia and Visier Collaborate to Provide Leaders with Critical Employee Insights for Evidence-Based Decision Making

Medallia (MDLA), the leader in experience management, announced a collaboration with Visier, the recognized leader in people analytics. The two companies will collaborate to provide HR and people leaders with a comprehensive view of the employee that brings together people data with employee experiences. This complete view will enable organizations to predict employee behavior and take action to avoid turnover and improve productivity.

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“Understanding the lifecycle of your employees is critical to the health of an organization”

“Understanding the lifecycle of your employees is critical to the health of an organization,” said Ryan Wong, CEO of Visier. “Employee’s experiences don’t occur in a vacuum. There are moments that impact how an employee will perform in a role, whether they continue to progress within their organization or if they begin to consider exiting. By connecting Visier people data with Medallia experience data, we can begin to see a true picture of how experiences are creating lasting impacts within organizations, and how to use those experiences to drive better business outcomes.”

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Combining employee operations data such as manager changes, overtime, paid time off, with employee and customer feedback creates a comprehensive view with actionable insights that empowers people leaders to improve the employee experience.

“There is a significant opportunity for organizations to better inform manager decision making and improve retention and culture, and this is driven by employee engagement. The combination of Visier and Medallia technologies will be the first time a software offering brings together people metrics with employee and customer engagement insights to provide deep intelligence for manager action,” said Melissa Arronte, employee experience practice lead for Medallia.

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