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The Social Intelligence Lab Launches The World’s First Certification Program That Independently Certifies Comms, Marketing, and Insight Professionals In Social Listening

The SI Lab, a community for social intelligence professionals, has officially launched a new Social Intelligence Growth Certification. The certification is the world’s first dedicated program to help communication, marketing, and insights professionals plan, create, and deliver successful social listening initiatives.

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“The Social Intelligence Growth Certification is a pivotal step for the social data analytics industry,” said Dr Jillian Ney, Founder at The Social Intelligence Lab. “There’s never been certified education opportunities for social listening practitioners beyond what has been offered from the various social data technology vendors. A structured knowledge program that enables practitioners to certify signals a point of maturity in the market. This comes at an important time as many large enterprises are increasing resources to developing centralised social listening or social intelligence departments – which quickly need to define tangible use cases, best practice, and adoption across different parts of the organisation. Our certification covers everything from good research design, essential social data analysis skills, and leadership strategies.”

A Social Intelligence Lead at a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company added: “There are so many different facets to social media intelligence, such as performance analytics, data privacy, and crisis monitoring. It’s critical for professionals to have both general and domain knowledge, built through active engagement in industry organisations like The Social Intelligence Lab. Their certification program is an excellent way to reinforce and build upon that knowledge.”

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The eight module Social Intelligence Certification runs over sixteen weeks, tackling the common challenges and tangible use cases of social listening in business contexts. The certification runs with a blend of pre-recorded and live sessions with a practical, learn-by-doing focus to teach key skills. The topics covered in the certification include:

Module One: Mapping Capabilities and Use Cases

This module is all about mapping your current capabilities, finding out where you want to be, and giving you the foundations of good research design to get there. You’ll get everything you need to plot where you are on your social intelligence journey, the resources you need to help get you more buy-in, how to create good research design, and inspiration of where you can use social data in future.

Module Two: Data Integration

As with all information, social data typically brings most commercial value when it is integrated and triangulated with our sources. These sources may range from survey data to internal commercial metrics and from huge quantitative databases to individual customer quotes or observations. How should insight professionals best navigate this evolving data landscape? What should we reasonably expect to do? What is sensible and how should I best go about it?

Module Three: Humans versus Machines

Social data analysis is often synonymous with technology but does it have to be that way? Will AI take over the role of social data analysts? Will social insights be automated? This module explores the balance between humans and machines in social intelligence. You’ll get the knowledge you need to know when tech or smart people are the solution, how to understand the role of machine learning and call BS on bogus claims, as well as a view on alternative ways to generate insight from social data. You’ll even get to build and train your very own AI model.

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