Overwhelmed Colleges Welcome Support from Bolt, an Intelligent Admissions Engine from Element451

Higher education CRM Element451 debuts Bolt, an AI-powered toolkit that helps college and university admissions and enrollment teams work smarter.

With the release of Bolt, an artificial intelligence toolkit, Element451 continues to democratize access to advanced technology for college and university admissions and enrollment marketing departments.

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Now higher education can benefit from the same data-driven insights that other industries such as retail and advertising have enjoyed for some time. With Bolt, enrollment managers and marketers can focus their attention on prospects who are more likely to enroll, conserving time and effort for resource-strapped schools hit hard by the pandemic.

Bolt uses behavioral data, which is 20 times more predictive than artificial intelligence that relies on demographics alone.

It is seamlessly woven into Element451 and automatically surfaces prospect engagement levels along with suggestions for tactics schools can take within the Element451 platform to encourage even more engagement. An email and text message campaign, for example.

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JC Bonilla, chief analytics officer at Element451 and the architect behind Bolt provides this scenario: Imagine an applicant who visits a school’s web page numerous times, opens several emails from the school, and spends a week completing their application. Now, take a prospect who visits a page only once, doesn’t open any emails, and completes their application a single sitting. Bolt tags prospects like the one in the first example as more engaged, giving busy administrators real-time intelligence about their prospect pool.

“Behavioral data is a better predictor of where a candidate is at now and the actions and decisions they’ll make in the future. Demographic and historical information is more backward looking,”  says Bonilla.

Element451 CEO Ardis Kadiu points to another advantage: Bolt was built by and for higher education professionals. Colleges and universities can immediately begin using it rather than adapting tools built for other industries. Best yet, Bolt doesn’t require users to have an analytics background or technical expertise nor is it as pricey as outside consultants and marketing firms.

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