O’Reilly Unveils New Generative AI-Powered Search Engine Capabilities to Enhance Learning in the Flow of Work

Next evolution of O’Reilly Answers helps learners deepen understanding by integrating cutting-edge AI capabilities with unrivaled expert content for instant access to the most trustworthy information

O’Reilly, the leading online learning platform for technology professionals, today announced the latest version of O’Reilly Answers, its advanced natural language processing engine that provides quick and contextually relevant answers to complex technical inquiries. Now combining leading-edge generative AI-powered responses grounded in O’Reilly’s expansive expert content, the tool provides instant access to concise, trustworthy information aimed at deepening users’ understanding while they’re learning in the flow of work. Consistent with its AI policy, announced in November 2023, O’Reilly has ensured that its content contributors are paid for any responses generated that leverage their underlying works—one of the first AI-based tools to do so.

Powered by Miso, O’Reilly Answers is designed to find fast solutions to challenging technical questions. Unlike generative AI chatbots that create content from publicly available information on the open web, Miso’s next-gen machine learning technology is purpose-built to generate answers that are trained solely on O’Reilly’s catalog of trusted, quality content. The resulting answers point users directly to only the most relevant resources from O’Reilly’s vast library of expert insights across thousands of online titles, allowing knowledge to be quickly applied to work.

O’Reilly unveils new #genaI powered search engine capabilities for solving problems in the flow of work

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Through its partnership with Miso, O’Reilly Answers now cites its sources for each generated response. This enhanced AI capability permits users to dig deeper into referenced titles for additional insight by asking Answers a clarifying question directly in the content they’re learning against, with the assurance that all responses are pulled from reliable and reputable materials.

“With lightning-fast access to the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve, O’Reilly Answers delivers a powerful advantage for solving problems in the flow of work,” said Laura Baldwin, president of O’Reilly. “We remain committed to delivering exceptional online learning experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible. The fusion of generative AI and O’Reilly’s trusted expert content is a breakthrough we believe will help revolutionize the way tech professionals learn and apply their knowledge to move their business forward with confidence.”

According to an IDC report, knowledge workers spend about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information. Nearly half of all O’Reilly usage involves nonlinear learning processes, which require quick solutions applicable to work. O’Reilly Answers supports this by delivering instantaneous insights that professionals can put to work fast, enabling users to obtain what they need in minimal time.

Demonstrating O’Reilly’s commitment to enhancing learning efficiency, the AI-powered tool offers numerous advantages, including increased productivity and greater opportunities for deeper exploration across various complex technologies such as AI, programming, cloud, and security, among others.

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