New Horizons – More City Firms Looking to Upskill Workers’ IT Skills in 2022

Leading IT trainer and education provider New Horizons is reporting a rise in City workers signing up to Microsoft-based IT courses and other workplace software packages. Many of the courses cover software frequently used for remote work and customer management, indicating that firms have been adopting long-term remote- or hybrid working practices well before the Westminster government’s new guidelines for people to work from home due to the omicron covid variant. and technology is the core resource being used to keep operations running smoothly.

“ready to learn new skills or completely re-train”

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Alan Deery, Director of New Horizons, said:

“For many firms, de-centring the office has become a hallmark step in the post-covid workplace revolution, and virtual connection is a core element of this new world of work.”

Employment has also emerged as a likely motivator for the trend in course uptake seen at New Horizons. In a recent PWC global workforce survey, 77% of respondents said they are “ready to learn new skills or completely re-train” and 74% see training as a matter of personal responsibility. Additionally, a recent report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that 44% of employers are tackling hiring challenges by upskilling staff.


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Alan Deery said:

“Companies looking to attract and retain talent are increasingly seeing the importance of offering training and development opportunities. Supporting existing staff adds value to their work experience and to the company in return, and in a competitive job market, non-salary benefits like training courses make roles and organisations stand out to new hires.”

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